Making History – 1.02: “The Shot Heard Round the World” REVIEW

Making History
Making History

Their polar opposite personalities make for great television and comedic lines.

What starts as a “save Chris” mission turns into a “save America” mission. The fact that Chris dies in battle (real cause of death: dies choking on a walnut the day after the battle of Lexington) is brushed off pretty immediately once Dan and Deborah give him the news. But seeing how Chris handled creating the American Revolution was hysterical! As in, I had to pause the episode to laugh for several minutes, replay the scenes just so I could laugh some more, and repeat this process a couple of times.

First, Chris takes John and Sam’s advice that he needs to wear a big wig to gain the respect of the men of Buckman Tavern. Second, after treating the audience like one of his history classes (Paul Revere’s proud face after getting an answer right was adorable!), Chris just bursts out that Deborah is dead. Then this scene happened:

Chris: “They killed your daughter.”
Sam Adams: “Terrible way to deliver that news.”
John Hancock: “I like it. Get to the point and get on with your day.”

I’m probably the only one that found it as funny as I did – I blame the delivery of the lines.

The “Milk First” Buddies, Chris and Davey.

Once Chris and Dan are reunited with each other, the pair realize a key factor in American men: they love their guns. So they devise a plan to  trick them into thinking the British are taking away their guns due to them having too many. This results in Dan and Chris heading to the British camp to pose as spies, and Deborah horseback riding as her father throughout the town yelling, “The British are coming! The British are coming! And they want to take your guns!”

When I decided to review this show, I knew I was going to write about a time travel show that deals with several historical events taking place. I had no idea that the show would slip in current issues like gun control! “If a person is daffy in the head, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to procure a gun,” says Chris’ British BFF, Davey (he is adorable and I wish we saw more of him). Listen to the British, America!

“I want to do it! I haven’t done anything yet, I’m kinda bored!”

If it wasn’t for Chris and Dan’s accidental gun shot (the pair fighting to shoot the first shot was also hysterical), the Battle of Lexington wouldn’t even have happened. It was just a staring contest between the two parties before our time travelers took action.

Besides Chris losing his dearest British friend, Davey, in the explosion of the barn house, everything was a success! The trio are relieved to find everything is back to normal in present day. Deborah is just happy to be away from her father, who mainly saw her as someone to do the chores and didn’t care that she was “dead.” I’m still in love with her take charge attitude and how she’s just as a part of the schemes as the boys are.

What did everyone think of Making History, 1.02: “The Shot Heard Round the World”?

Seeing how John Gemberling and Neil Casey (John Hancock and Sam Adams) are listed as series regulars, I’m curious if the show will have a constant reference to 1775.

The next episode of Making History, 1.03: “The Boyfriend Experience” airs March 19th at 8:30/7:30c on FOX.