REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S7 Ep12 – Say Yes

The Walking Dead

We finally got a Richonne-centric episode of The Walking Dead! As someone who has supported the pairing way before they officially got together in canon, this episode was a real treat, even if it didn’t move us forward much, plot-wise. Nevertheless, the show finally got to explore more of this very significant relationship and there were more than a few touching and heartwarming moments amidst some pretty impressive bloodshed. That’s The Walking Dead for you.

The Walking DeadRick and Michonne went on a mission to hunt for more guns for the insufferable trash people. This side-trip became an opportunity for them to really spend quality time with each other, and when they weren’t killing walkers or scavenging for weapons, they enjoyed some light moments like eating, laughing, and making love. It’s such a rare sight to see these toughened warriors smile and simply live life so it was refreshing to watch them be happy, even if only for a short while. They are a real power couple and as one reviewer pointed out, “the couple that slays together, stays together” and that pretty much sums up Richonne.

But there were somber moments as well, particularly when, during some crazy carnival walker massacre, Rick seemed to be devoured by his enemies. Now, fake-out deaths on The Walking Dead are becoming tiresome and annoying and they really should stop. The only good thing that came about from this one was seeing Michonne’s reaction. She was completely devastated and for a few moments, seemed to lose the will to live.

“We’re gonna fight them. That’s what happens next. And we’re gonna lose people. Maybe even each other … I can lose you, we can lose our friends, people we love. It’s not about us any more; it’s about a future. And if it’s me who doesn’t make it, you’re going to have to be the one who leads the others forwards … because you’re the one who can.”

The Walking DeadThey then had a very serious conversation about the bleakness of the future. They both acknowledged that the fight ahead was risky and that they could very well lose people, or even each other. As painful as this was to contemplate, they knew it was a real possibility. And Rick effectively left everything in Michonne’s capable hands should he perish in the fight to come.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, two characters made some pretty big decisions by the end of the episode. After much deliberation, Tara decided to finally tell Rick and the others about the community of armed women she stumbled upon earlier in the season. And Rosita again decided to pursue her vendetta against Negan (ill-advised to go rogue at this moment especially considering what happened last time, but she’s stubborn). This time, though, she will have the help of an equally enraged Sasha. I’m not too hopeful about their chances of success but we’ll see how it goes.

The Walking Dead is determined to go slowly as it builds up to the final massacre that will surely be the highlight of the season. But it’s still great to have episodes devoted to important character dynamics and I’m hoping that we see more of Richonne before everything goes up in flames.