Shadowhunters – 2.10: “By the Light of Dawn” REVIEW

“Let me see the likeliness for Clace to happen in season 2B”

Thanks to this mid-season finale, I have fallen in love with Shadowhunters all over again. I will admit, during the show’s second season run, I wasn’t the obsessed and diehard fan I was throughout the first season.

Maybe it was because I was still bitter for the writers killing off Jocelyn. Or I found Izzy’s yin-feng story-line unnecessary (it literally only just made her distance herself from everyone and make Raphael/Isabelle possibly happen – which I don’t think anyone wants still?), and Climon’s relationship rushed beyond belief. Plus, I didn’t really consider Valentine much of a threat this season until this epic episode.

Regardless, this episode both tied up the story-lines we never want to speak of again or introduced new ones that we are so ready for!

Yin-Feng Today, Goodbye Tomorrow: “By the Light of Dawn” will hopefully be the last episode we hear about Isabelle’s yin-feng/vampire venom addiction. While everyone is off fending for their lives against Valentine, Raphael and Isabelle are at the Hotel Dumort, continuing their addiction for one another. Both the relationship and venom is toxic, it’s great! (Note: I should mention that I’m not anti-Raphael/Izzy. I’m just against the writers forming their relationship based solely around using one another.).

Thank the Angel, though, I was so happy seeing Isabelle coming to her senses to save Alec from Valentine’s henchmen at the Institute. She’s going through withdrawals and has incredibly weak stamina, yet she kills about five of Valentine’s army at the same time. Let that sink in. Both Lightwood siblings feel terrible for not being there for each other as of late. In Season 2B, I don’t want this yin-feng story-line to not create change in Izzy. I want to see a closer Lightwood bond, and a stronger than ever Isabelle. Please redeem this story-line, Shadowhunters writers!

And I have to mention this, because it’s so important for the show/TV in general. In this episode, Raphael Santiago was revealed to be asexual! “I’m just not interested in sex,” he tells Isabelle when she tries to kiss him. “I’ve always been like this.” I’ve never seen a main/secondary asexual character on television or film ever! This series has three canon LGBTQA+ male characters now! Keep the representation coming; female characters perhaps?

Shadowhunters - By the Light of Dawn

While painful to watch the reactions of the two seeing Simon tortured, it was refreshing to see a Magnus/Clary scene.

Kidnappers: 3, Simon: 0: Poor Simon, he’s always the one being kidnapped. If I’m correct, this would be the third time he’s been kidnapped on the show? (Or does Luke’s pack forcing him to sleep in a storage room at Jade Wolf count, too?). The stakes are much higher though, considering that Valentine is his kidnapper this time around. He’s used as leverage to get Clary to the Institute so he can finally activate the Soul Sword. He goes so far as to torture Simon in front of Clary via smartphone. I don’t know if it’s better or worse that Simon is a vampire in this instance. On one hand, he’s not dead. But on the other, Valentine could potentially torture him forever.

It’s okay, Jace of all people (shape-shifted as Clary) rescues the young vamp. “I would have killed you,” Simon says later to Jace, once he’s saved after drinking Jace’s blood. “I would have let you.” I loved this exchange and moment between Simon and Jace. It’s rare when you don’t seen them at odds. But they’re in this incredibly stressful situation so all that dislike for each other goes out the window.

I Am Not Your Father: It wouldn’t be a Shadowhunters finale without multiple twists. Twist #1: Jace doesn’t have demon blood, but angel blood! Twist #2: Even though Jace accidentally activated the Soul Sword, this didn’t cause every downworlder to die. Simon, Magnus, Maia, and Luke are alive! The rest in Valentine’s sight were not. I want to say this was because Valentine pointed the sword at them? It was a little unclear. Twist #3: Valentine is not Jace’s Father. Yes, Valentine only told Jace he was his father so he would believe himself to be evil. He knew that Jace would sacrifice himself to “destroy” the Soul Sword. Talk about Worst Father of the Year Award.

Book fans, I’m sure you’re not shocked. I wasn’t either, having known about it. As terrible as this is for me to say, these recent obstacles Jace has had to face, have really made him more likable for me. I typically think of Jace to be this sarcastic, douchebag that the books made him, but the show has made him so much more than that. I’m not even a Clace fan, but I felt for the guy when he came rushing to tell Clary that he’s not related (“we can finally do something with all of this sexual tension!” I’m sure he would have said), only to find Clary and Simon making out. I think you deserve a, “That’s rough, buddy.”

I can’t write this review and not mention Malec’s last scene. Not knowing where the other was during Valentine’s takeover of the Institute brought on the most fear and anxiety for the two that has ever happened before. Once they’re reunited they passionately hug, kiss, and finally say that little “love” word to each other. I’m not happy crying or anything. In Season 2B, I want more of these well-written Malec Moments. Plus, a god damn sex scene! The heterosexual pairings on this show have had plenty of hot n’ heavy scenes together – Malec’s first time was off screen for crying out loud! Not to mention completely brushed off like it wasn’t a big deal. It was.

What did everyone think of the mid-season finale, and the first half of season two?

We don’t have too long to wait until Shadowhunters Season 2B premieres. Monday June 5th at 8/7c to be exact, as the cast announced earlier yesterday via a special Facebook Live.

The show will air alongside Stitchers, which takes the 9/8c time slot for the evening. If we can wait ~about~ a full year for the second season premiere, we can breeze past these next 3 months.

Hope you all have a happy Shadowhunters hiatus, Angels! I will be spending my time reading more of the Mortal Instruments books and re-watching the show of course.