Making History – 1.01: “Pilot” REVIEW

“I go to the past every weekend. Sometimes on Tuesdays.”

The British are coming! Wait, they’re staying? That’s exactly what happens in Fox’s new comedy, Making History.

It seems that time travel has become a growing genre for many TV series as of late. There’s Outlander, Timeless, and another new series, Time After Time. So what is the standout factor for Making History? In my opinion, it’s the humor that makes it unique. I’m sure there’s a joke for everyone to laugh at in this series.

Something that I should note about watching this series, though, is you definitely need to know about the premise of the show beforehand. The opening does little to introduce the characters – understandable since we only have ~22 minutes to explain the plot, characters, etc.

So here’s a brief guide to Making History‘s characters/their backstory:

  • Dan (Adam Pally): Computer Science Professor who time travels in his spare time. (They don’t actually mention his profession at the school in this episode. I thought he was a maintenance worker until looking information up about the show).
    -Found time travel duffel bag from his late father’s possessions.
    -Dating Deborah from 1775. Might have screwed up the American Revolution thanks to this.
  • Chris (Yassir Lester): History professor and loves the subject in general.
  • Deborah (Leighton Meester): Dating Dan
    -Paul Revere’s daughter

“Near, far, wherever you are!”

Thinking he ruined the beginning of the American Revolution by dating Deborah, Dan tells Chris he has urgent questions about 1775. Next thing he knows he’s in a duffel bag, with ham at his feet, time traveling to the past! “Ham is pretty much like diamond covered heroin,” Dan explains to Chris. Along the way while fixing Dan’s mess, we’re introduced to Sam Adams and John Hancock, realize that references from the future totally work on the townspeople (“Show me the money!”), and Chris would have gotten kidnapped by the British if it wasn’t for Deborah and her musket.

It doesn’t take long for Dan to tell Deborah the truth: he’s from the future. It’s fairly obvious to her. He’s the only man she knows who treats women with respect. So she agrees to go back to the future with him. Chris stays behind to fix the chaos with his history knowledge. But as they find out in the future, things didn’t work so well for him in the past. They find a statue of Chris in his honor for his heroic death during the American Revolution. I mean if they built a statue of him, he had to have done something monumental, right? But, it’s back to the past they both go to save Chris.

“You know the British are still here, right?”

Overall, I found Making History enjoyable, hilarious, and I look forward to what time traveling mayhem this show has in store for us. I’m also interested to know the route they’ll go with the characters. Will Dan just be used as the one who keeps making all the errors in the past, so the others will have to fix them? Is Chris going to keep spouting out historical facts every chance he gets? And I would hope that Deborah continues to be a strong female character that isn’t used solely to compare her 1775 life to the future.

What did you think of the Making History series premiere? Will you be tuning in for the rest of the season?

Will they save Chris in the past? Or will they end up just altering the timeline of the future even more?

1.02: “The Shot Heard Round the World” airs next Sunday at 8:30/7:30c on Fox. A promo for the show in general can be viewed below.