Netflix Debuts the ’13 Reasons Why’ Trailer

13 Reasons Why

Credit: Netflix

Earlier this year, Netflix released a teaser announcing the date of the upcoming mystery series, based on the popular novel of the same name. Now with a full trailer, we finally get a glimpse into what the 13-episode series has in store for us.

In the minute-long trailer, it’s clear that friends Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen had a strong relationship. That’s why when Hannah kills herself, he doesn’t know her reason why. It isn’t until tapes show up at his door that he starts to learn the truth about Hannah Baker’s life. “I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically – why my life ended.”

Based on other people’s reactions to the tapes, it seems that Hannah knew many secrets about those around her. “Everyone is just so nice, until they drive you to kill yourself,” Clay later yells. “And sooner or later the truth will come out!”

Will you be watching 13 Reasons Why? Fans of the books, what do you think of this, adaptation-wise?

For those wondering about the song that’s used throughout the trailer, it’s Ruelle’s “Game of Survival.” I also highly recommend their EP “Madness.”

The trailer can be viewed below

13 Reasons Why will become available on Netflix on March 31st.