REVIEW: Arrow, S5 Ep15 – Fighting Fire With Fire

Oliver Queen is in some hot water after last week’s episode, “The Sin-Eater.” “Fighting Fire With Fire” kicks off with Ollie under investigation for covering up the Green Arrow’s murder of Detective Billy Malone, which Ollie was tricked into committing by Prometheus, In addition to Oliver and Company dealing with this unfortunate turn of events, both Thea and Felicity face their own personal demons, and we get an update on Curtis’ relationship status with his husband Paul.

Back together?

For the most part the political elements of “Fighting Fire With Fire” weren’t all that interesting. Granted it wasn’t predictable whether or not Ollie would get off the hook by the episode’s conclusion. I wouldn’t have minded it going either way. From a political standpoint it’s great that Ollie remains the mayor of Star City, but honestly if he didn’t have his mayoral responsibilities we would be able to see him pursue his role as Green Arrow more effectively, hopefully making for more fun and exciting vigilante action.

Something I really liked about last week’s episode, despite “The Sin-Eater” having numerous faults, was seeing Thea go so far to protect her brother’s interests that she ruins the life of Susan Williams. “Fighting Fire With Fire” erased this by finding a way to fix what Thea had done, resulting in Susan and Ollie possibly reuniting as a couple. It would have been better to see the consequences of certain characters’ actions, like Thea’s, have a more prolonged effect.

As stated previously both Thea and Felicity face their own personal demons. Thea decides to resign from her position in Ollie’s cabinet following the heinous act she committed against Susan and possibly another politician. Thea’s choice to leave makes sense, but I really hope this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing less of her. Her appearances on Arrow have dwindled a lot this season, and at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if she was written off entirely. We haven’t even seen her suit up since the crossover episode with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Felicity, on the other hand, decided to embrace her bad side joining the hacktivist group Helix despite Diggle’s attempts to dissuade her.

The big reveal of this week’s episode was that District Attorney Adrian Chase is Prometheus and not Vigilante. This is definitely a twist I wasn’t expecting, considering Chase is Vigilante in the comics. The writers get some credit for switching these characters around in order to trick longstanding comic book fans. All that being said it’s still unclear what exactly Chase is doing to hurt Ollie and exact his revenge. So far it seems he’s just been a major inconvenience and I hope whatever plan he’s working on has some payoff soon.

Curtis working on his balls

With this new revelation we are now left wondering who Vigilante is. Most likely he is simply a new force with his own vendetta that has no previous ties to Team Arrow or the Queen family, which would be fine and more satisfying. What bothered me most concerning Vigilante was the final showdown between him and Diggle, Curtis, and Rene. The action during this scene was up to par, though I found it infuriating that even though they took Vigilante down they didn’t attempt to detain him or take off his mask. Instead Team Arrow simply looks over the balcony to see the end of Ollie’s press conference.

Overall, “Fighting Fire With Fire” was not that interesting, though it did place certain characters in new positions that might prove to be compelling in future episodes. Felicity joins Helix, Ollie criminalizes the Green Arrow, and Curtis finds out his husband Paul wants a divorce. That last point, though unfortunate for Curtis, was very predictable. Every time Curtis mentioned he was going to meet up with Paul it was obvious that their reunion wouldn’t be a happy one. From a superhero standpoint Curtis is improving, though, and he has officially brought out the T-Spheres, which are a staple of Mister Terrific from the comics. Also, the 16 year old in me really appreciated all of the “balls” jokes throughout.

Oh yeah, and some stuff happened in Russia, but who cares?

Next week it seems Adrian Chase’s secret will come to light as he kidnaps Susan, continuing to be an inconvenient thorn in Ollie’s side. Check out The CW’s official trailer for “Checkmate” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Fighting Fire With Fire” in the comments.


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