Once Upon a Time to have musical episode

Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time showrunners give some details on the upcoming musical episode.

Everyone’s doing it these days. Supergirl and The Flash will be having a musical episode this month and Once Upon a Time is the latest in the list of popular series following this trend. Fans have been clamoring for a musical episode for as long as the Fairy Tale show has existed, and as the cast members have some musical talent this was never such a far-fetched idea. And this season, it’s finally happening and Oncers are getting their wish.

According to ETOnline, production is already underway for this special episode. They interviewed Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis for more details on the musical.

Kitsis said:

“We actually started [planning] this around September…There are these two composers that we met, Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, who are big fans of the show, and ABC put us together with them because a musical is the one thing and the one request that fans have been asking for for six seasons.”

Horowitz added:

“It’s something we’re very excited about and we’ve been working on for a long time… What we’ve also worked really hard to do is make this musical a part of the show, so it’s not just like a one-off episode or it’s not just like a stand-alone [special]…

…It actually is a huge part of the mythology of the show and there are some big things that happen in the episode…Frankly, it’s been one of the challenges of doing the musical because we never wanted to do something where it was just like a to-the-side, one-off thing, and then get back to the main story. We want to see it part of the main story, which meant we had to really plan out this season with some great detail.”

Kitsis also revealed that the musical will be the penultimate episode of Once Upon a Time season six, leading directly to the finale.

The musical episode will feature seven songs, including a solo from Jennifer Morrison. And the showrunners likewise confirmed that Colin O’Donoghue will be singing as well. With such a talented cast, the special will surely be a treat for Oncers everywhere.

Once Upon a Time season 6 will resume on March 5 on ABC.