Wild Women of Planet Wongo Review

Wild Women of Planet Wongo – Your Next Fun Thing To Do In NYC!

Enter the cozy neighborhood bar Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston Street, NYC) on a select evening, and you might be surprised to discover a charming musical party is taking place behind the black curtain in the back room. Wild Women of Planet Wongo is part musical, part cocktail party, and an entirely unique way to spend an evening! Whether you want to unwind after a busy work week, hang out with friends, or celebrate a special occasion, the Wild Women of Planet Wongo is the place to be.

The back room usually plays host to music acts, but twice a week (check here for upcoming dates and to get tickets) the space is outfitted with television monitors, silver racks, and some “smoke” effects to take attendees on a trip to outer space for some toe-tapping, sing-along songs and laughs galore.

Space travelers think they’ve hit date pay dirt but they might be dinner.

The Wild Women of Planet Wongo plot is your basic B-movie classic: two hapless space travelers – on their way to deliver delicious snacks to a treat-deprived mining colony – crash-land on a planet inhabited by gorgeous lady warriors with men on their mind. This might sound like paradise, but the twist is the ladies aren’t sure if their Great Momma meant for them to consummate or consume mate. What a difference a space makes…

The laughs are broad in this Mystery Science Theatre meets Little Shop of Horrors original musical, growing from titters in the beginning to belly laughs by the end. It relies heavily on the relationship between the cast – who admirably put on a show in a narrow room, without a stage – and the audience, who stand (or sit) around, sipping cocktails. The energy of the performers, playing off the audience, means a different show every night and when we visited, there were a number of people who were clearly repeating the experience. Props are handed out, songs are taught, and two clever intermissions include crowd participation “game shows” which bonded the audience and produced some of the biggest laughs of the night.

Again, the personalities of the cast are key here – they work the room expertly, drawing out the reluctant (but absolutely responsive to those who want to remain in the corners) and allowing the outgoing to join in the fun.

Ladies Gone Wongo Wild.

A chat with some of the performers, including Miki Hellerbach (Ric Rogers), revealed the hidden reward of performing in such a setting. Working on the thin line between musical theatre and improv, the performers have the ability to work directly off the audience – giving them permission to be a part of the show and tailoring some of their responses to elicit the best reaction.

Wild Women of Planet Wongo was originally written by Ben Budick, Steve Mackes, and Dave Ogrin for a workshop at the University Of Michigan and was first performed there as a traditional two-act musical. It went through several iterations before Dave Ogrin had a new vision for Wongo. The three writers got back together to re-conceive the piece as a shorter, three-act immersive party/comedy/musical with Dave as the producer.

The creative journey of Wild Women of Planet Wongo adds to its uniqueness – as the audience helps to inform what comes next for this clever piece of theatre.

So you can go to the theatre – or you can go to a bar – or you can do both, at the Wild Women of Planet Wongo. Your ticket includes a free drink at the tiny but serviceable bar, there’s a coat check, and tee shirts to purchase on your way out the door.

Check out the video below and then buy your tickets here – you don’t want to miss this interactive musical. It’s a fun way to spend the evening with your friends before dinner or as a way to wind down after work. And here’s some inside info – the show will continue its run through June! Plenty of time to become a Wongette!