REVIEW: The Flash, S3 Ep13 – Attack on Gorilla City

After Jesse Quick returns to Earth-1 to seek out the help of Team Flash in “Untouchable,” the team must head to Earth-2 in order to rescue Harrison Wells from the clutches of Grodd. “Attack on Gorilla City” sees Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian make their way into the heart of Gorilla City, but their capture leads to a twist and showdown with the city’s leader, the gorilla known as Solovar. Jesse Quick remains back on Earth-1 and analyzes where she stands in her relationship with Wally West.

The Flash vs. Solovar

“Attack on Gorilla City” is a very simple and enjoyable episode. Grodd proves to be manipulative and formidable as he tricks Barry into taking down Solovar, stating Solovar will lead Gorilla City in an attack on Central City. In retrospect, briefly trusting Grodd’s word is not a good idea, as Grodd uses the opportunity to take control of Gorilla City and attempts to lead his own attack.

The climatic battle between Barry and Solovar was one of the episode’s most enjoyable moments, though considering Barry’s speed I felt he could have held his own a bit better than he did. Despite this, it was fun seeing Barry take on this powerful white gorilla colossal in size and strength.

Before and after this epic battle, “Attack on Gorilla City” was filled some interesting performances and character moments. Tom Cavanagh deserves some credit for pulling off his best Grodd impression, when Grodd uses his telepathy to speak through Harrison Wells. Julian and Caitlin have some compelling moments together as Julian continues to try and support Caitlin. A possible budding romance between these characters is also teased later on, but it’s also possible these two are simply growing closer as friends. Also, I will say I enjoyed seeing Julian’s enthusiasm to join Team Flash on their mission to the “planet of the apes,” as he initially put it.

The romance between Wally and Jesse served as this episode’s subplot. I do like that Jesse has now decided to remain on Earth-1 with Wally. For one, they make a very nice couple and two, it would be good to have another speedster on the team. That being said, it’s still possible next week’s episode may end with her changing her mind, so let’s not jump to any conclusions.

In addition to going on their mission to Gorilla City in order to save Harrison Wells, Team Flash also sees this as an opportunity to change another future headline, which stated there would be a gorilla attack on Central City. Nearing the episode’s conclusion it seems Team Flash may have succeeded at this, after Barry fakes his death in order to escape Gorilla City’s prison cells, leading the team to make their way back to Earth-1 with Harrison Wells. Unfortunately, Grodd has an ace up his sleeve as it’s revealed that he somehow got a hold of Gypsy, the bounty hunter from Earth-19 who has the same vibing abilities as Cisco.

Gorilla Grodd returns

Knowing full well the next episode would be entitled “Attack on Central City” I knew Grodd would still find a way to return to Earth-1, but I didn’t think of how after Cisco was taken out of the picture. Seeing Gypsy return was definitely a surprise and I hope next week’s episode explores how she got herself into this mess.

Overall, “Attack on Gorilla City” wasn’t a great episode, but it was definitely fun and featured the highly anticipated return of Grodd, one the series’ best villains in my opinion. I definitely wanted to see more gorillas and gorilla-fighting action, but it seems “Attack on Central City” will provide plenty of that as Grodd will bring an entire army to Central City. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Team Flash will take down an army of highly intelligent and strong gorillas, and also look forward to seeing how Harrison Wells handles the news that Jesse desires to remain on Earth-1 with Wally. Until then, check out The CW’s official trailer for “Attack on Central City” below and feel free to let us know what you thought of “Attack on Gorilla City” in the comments.