Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Beauty & the Beast’

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'Beauty and the Beast' Behind the Scenes“I have loved Beauty and the Beast, since I was about four years old,” Emma Watson explains. The cast of the Disney live-action film, along with director Bill Condon, gave the inside scoop in a behind the scenes video.

The cast shares their love for the original film and their fond memories. “I just thought it was the most beautiful and perfect movie,” director Bill Condon says. “The question becomes: why remake something that’s perfect?”

That’s definitely been the question everyone asked when the live-action film was first announced.

But just from seeing the photos, teasers, trailers, and this behind the scenes video, I have so much confidence that this film will live up to the original and so much more. With Alan Menken composing the songs in this remake, the set design, and the evident passion the cast/director has for this film, how can this film not be outstanding?

“It will remind you of all the beauty of the original.” Luke Evans (Gaston) says. “But also expand on it and give it more detail and more depth,” Watson concludes.

What has you most excited or hesitant about this upcoming Disney film?

You can view the full behind the scenes interview here.

Beauty and the Beast premieres in theaters March 17th.