Flashpoint Batman Returns in Upcoming Batman/Flash Crossover

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Who is Flashpoint Batman? If you don’t know I highly recommend reading the DC Comics story-arc Flashpoint as well as the tie-in story-arc Batman: Knight of Vengeance. Or you could just watch the DC animated feature Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which was a pretty decent adaptation.

This version of Batman, introduced in Flashpoint #1, is Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father. In the Flashpoint universe, an alternate universe from the main DC Comics universe, Bruce is killed instead of his father leading to Thomas Wayne becoming the Dark Knight and a much darker version at that.

Now why is he suddenly a topic of discussion? Well, this April DC Comics will release a 4-issue crossover story-arc taking place within the pages of Batman and The Flash dubbed “The Button”. The button itself refers to the iconic yellow smiley faced button from DC’s classic Watchmen series by Alan Moore. “The Button” will aim to explore DC Rebirth and its connection to Watchmen as teased in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Thomas Wayne/Batman is apparently set to appear in Batman #22, which will be the 3rd issue in this upcoming story-arc.

DC Comics released a first look at Batman #22’s 3D lenticular cover which alternates between two dark images: one of Thomas Wayne/Batman standing over the bodies of his wife and child and one of the Reverse-Flash standing over a young, distraught Barry Allen and Barry’s deceased mother. How will Thomas Wayne/Batman and the Reverse-Flash play into this crossover? We’ll have to wait and see on April 19 when “The Button” kicks off with Batman #21.