The Flash Takes on Grodd in Extended Promo and Poster for “Attack on Gorilla City”

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Were you sad to see there was no new episode of The Flash on your DVR this week? Don’t worry, because The Flash will return next week with the first part of a two-part event dubbed “Attack on Gorilla City.” In the upcoming episodes Team Flash, along with returning speedster Jesse Quick, will be tasked with rescuing Earth-2 Harrison Wells from the telepathic Gorilla Grodd, leading them into the heart of Earth-2’s Gorilla City.

The CW has unveiled an awesome new poster (right) of Barry facing the titular city, which was originally teased back in the season two episode “Gorilla Warfare,” along with the tagline “Rumble in the Jungle.” If that’s not enough to get you hyped for the upcoming showdown check out The CW’s extended promo for the two-part event below.

“Attack on Gorilla City” airs Tuesday, February 21 at 8/9 ET, followed by the conclusion, “Attack on Central City” on February 28.