‘Shadowhunters’ 2.07: “How Are Thou Fallen” REVIEW – Oh My Angel!

Be My Malec-tine. (Just go with it.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, shadowhunters! Or should I even say that considering who our Valentine is? Let’s just say Happy Malectine’s Day, because just like in last week’s episode – we got a lot of them! I mean, did you see the amount of Malec kisses we got in just this episode?

Once again, the relationships aspect of this episode was so much more captivating than the action. I have no idea if this means I only care about these characters’ romantic lives as opposed to if they were in serious danger, or if Valentine’s recent absence affected the seriousness his threat was supposed to be in “How Are Thou Fallen”.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I just wanna talk about all things Shadowhunters love.

Happy Galentine’s Day…or not: Clizzy’s friendship isn’t looking too good. Most of this is due to Isabelle doing whatever she has to do to get yin feng – even if that means doing/saying awful things. Like this to Clary: “I’m kinda over this whole togetherness thing.” I don’t even think this is the big Clizzy breakup scene that the girls and writers have mentioned…so I think we’re in for more Clizzy heartbreak! I’ll just keep replaying previous adorable scenes/fanvids until they reunite.

Maia Roberts: has the exterior of a werewolf, but the interior of an adorable little puppy that needs to be protected! NO ONE HURT HER!

Happy Pal-entine’s Day: At least after their date, that’s the conclusion Simon and Maia have come to. This makes me sad because I’d prefer Maimon over Climon any day! But thanks to Maia’s werewolf hearing and just common sense, she can detect Simon’s crush on Clary a mile away. So she tells him to go for it. While it ended mutually sweet, it didn’t start that way. That’s because Simon decided to be dumb and listen to Jace for once. Be yourself when talking to potential significant others, Simon! You’re SO MUCH cuter! Plus, Jace’s behavior this episode bugged me – it honestly reminded me why I can’t stand book!Jace. He slept around and flirted aimlessly with any cute girl that walked his way, and continuously cock-blocked Malec! Okay, so he came to his senses when Clary was in trouble in the end. Does this mean I only like Jace’s personality when he’s with Clary? (And I’m not even a Clace fan.)

Happy Malectine’s Day!: Of course if these two so much as look at each other, our little fandom goes crazy! Naturally, the talk of sex between the two has everyone reeling. While during the episode I was just like any of you: “Alec bought Magnus a gift? !!!!” “There’s Malec kiss after Malec kiss?! Oh. My. Angel.” “Malec Sex? *Lies on the floor trying to process it all*

Now that I’ve processed the episode, I have a tiny qualm about how their relationship is being portrayed. Mainly just how fast they’re trying to go. Magnus doesn’t want to, yet Alec insists? I’ve seen on social media that fans either love this or are hesitant of this.

Personally, I’m a mix of both. I’m in awe of just how many scenes we’re getting of the two, particularly in the romance department. I’ve found with TV shows in the past, you’re lucky if a same-sex pairing gets a peck on the check rather than a full blown makeout session. Just a few years ago, depending on the network, two girls or guys couldn’t even lay down together in a bedroom scene (ex: South of Nowhere)! So, I’m always thankful for just how far LGBTQ+ representation has come in the media.

“A gift? I can’t remember the last time someone bought me one.”

That being said, like many of you, I hope Magnus and Alec (I think I need to stop using their ship name so much, they’re two separate characters, who just so happen to be together) do indeed decide to take things slow and wait to take their relationship to the next step. It would make it that much more meaningful and special. Plus, I want it to be a mutual decision, which I don’t think it was. What did everyone else think of this moment in the episode?

One aspect that I really loved that came out of all of this “sex step” was the conversation between Isabelle and Alec. Even though she’s struggling with an unnecessary yin-feng addiction (thanks Aldertree) – and it’s awful to see our girl slowly break down – she is still there for her big brother. She realizes that it’s his first time with anyone (“Was there ever a Jessica Hogbloom?”) and her simple advice is that he does what feels right for him. Isabelle may have said harsh things to Clary, and had a cringeworthy moment with Simon (asking if she could bite him? What?!), but I appreciated the small Lightwood sibling moment.

Now if only someone would take note of her odd behavior and help her. I’m convinced Magnus knows, but I have a feeling they’ll have Aldertree realize Izzy’s drug use as a way to kick-start a relationship for the two. [Insert eye roll] Shadowhunters writers, please don’t do this!

Lastly, we have a birthday today in the Shadowhunters family! Happy Birthday Alberto Rosende! Hope you have a fantastic day!

What did you think of Shadowhunters, 2.07: “How Are Thou Fallen”?

Oh and since it’s Valentine’s Day, the lovely cast wrote sweet Valentine’s Day cards to our beloved Valentine. Thanks to this show, this holiday will never be the same for me.

2.08: “Love Is a Devil” airs next week, Monday February 20th at 8/7c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

Wait, are they going the Climon route or Maimon? Did Malec take the “sex step”? Will I continue to only be interested in the characters’ romantic endeavors on this show? I guess we’ll find out next week.