‘Shadowhunters’ 2.06: “Iron Sisters” REVIEW – First Dates & Meet Cutes Galore!

Shadowhunters 2.06

“Cheers to our first date being a main plot-line and not simply occurring off screen!”

Do you ever watch an episode of your favorite television show and fall in love with everything about it? It doesn’t matter how many times you watch it – you still undergo the same emotions you did the first time you watched it. That was how I felt about “Iron Sisters”.

I think what really sold me was how everyone was paired up and either forced to focus on the task at hand or figure out how to go about their feelings for each other. I don’t think I need to explain who that last one was referring to.

Below, I thought I’d break down each pair featured.

Simon & Maia: I really adore what the writers are doing with them. You have a werewolf and vampire – two supernatural creatures that are known to be enemies. Sure, Simon and Maia aren’t riding off into the sunset together (that wouldn’t end well for Simon), but they seem to respect each other. This is completely different from the impression I got from Maia in the second book (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m only halfway through!), who flips out after finding Simon is an immortal downworlder. After realizing that they’re the only people interested in finding Luke, they do exactly that. Plus, their meet cute is really sweet!

It definitely helps that Alberto and Alisha work well together. Apparently, a lot of their scenes were improvised by the actors! I can’t talk about Simon and Maia without mentioning their bonding moment: talking in the car about their most embarrassing downworlder moment. For Maia, it’s showing up to class naked after going through a transformation. Simon recently had his: his Mom walking in on him sucking the blood from a rat. Ew. Because of that incident Raphael wiped Mrs. Lewis’ memory clean of all things Simon the Vampire. Which is such a bummer and almost makes Simon’s character arc this season a waste! We’ll have to see how the rest of the season plays out with that.

How can I forget mentioning Maia’s first transformation flashback!? By including Maia and Luke’s first meeting, it really sets the reasoning behind why Maia is so adamant about finding Luke. He’s like a father figure to her. Come to think of it, Luke Garroway is like the Dad character to everyone. All the more reason for him to return safely home. Thanks to Maia and Simon who track him down at camping grounds he used to frequent with Simon and the Frays, he does. Thoughts on Simon/Maia and their developing relationship? Also what’s their ship name? Maimon?

“Looking at you makes this beer taste less atrocious to me.”

Magnus & Alec (Malec): Three words: Malec’s first date. Magnus hates that Alec is still feeling incredibly guilty for causing Jocelyn’s death via the possession demon. So to take his mind off of it, he decides to take Alec on a date. MALEC FIRST DATE! The date itself may be your typical “first date” – drinks and a round of pool at a bar – but this one date is so important for them and the many Malec fans that have been waiting for this. When we spoke with Matthew Daddario at New York Comic Con in October, he emphasized that the two men definitely still have to figure things out between them. Just because they had that epic kiss in “Malec,” doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and rainbows (oh, now I want to see a pride flag in Alec’s room!). While talking on the date, they realize how different they are.

To Alec, this is his very first relationship. Being hundreds of years old, Magnus has had many a suitor in his day. Around 17,000 to be exact. This causes concern for Alec. I’m sure he thinks Magnus could have anyone else, so why be with someone that’s never been in a relationship? I love this for so many reasons! 1) It adds more to Alec’s character and makes him incredibly relatable. I know more people his age that haven’t really been in a relationship than those that have/are currently. It’s much more common than the media makes it out to be. 2) I already mentioned this a bit, but it reinforces the fact that relationships aren’t always smooth sailing, they take effort. They even say this to each other in the episode! 3) Honestly, I’m just such a sucker for a good Malec scene and we got heaps of them! Like that Malec kiss for instance. What was your favorite moment between these two?

Shadowhunters S2E6- “Iron Sisters”

The love these two have for each other….

Clary & Izzy (Clizzy): Clizzy, my OTP, received the main storyline in this episode and I couldn’t have been happier. They head out on a mission to the Iron Sisters’ headquarters to try and get answers about Valentine. “They’re badass warriors who create all of our weapons,” Isabelle explains to Clary. Izzy has wanted to be a member for as long as she can remember. She would’ve gone through with it, if it wasn’t for the whole “no boys” rule. But unfortunately, Isabelle couldn’t even get in to view the place of her dreams. Thanks to the yin fen that Aldertree gave her for her injury, she was deemed unworthy to enter during the purity trial due to demon entities (aka yin fen). Isabelle can never catch a break! You deserve everything good and pure, Isabelle Lightwood. She was given orders to spy on Clary from Aldertree and she didn’t mention Clary’s rune conversation with Cleophas that she eavesdropped on! That is a true friend, and it’s moments like this (or episodes in this case) that make me admire their friendship so much! “You and Clary have grown close. But how well do you actually know her?” Aldertree later asks. “Pretty well,” she responds.

Keep these moments, dialogue and scenes coming, Shadowhunters writers. That is, until of course the big Clizzy fight that’s been stated to happen from Katherine and Emeraude in the past. Here, have a super cute behind the scenes photo of the girls (this may or may not be my lock-screen at the moment). The writers are really going to bring this ship up just to have it come crashing down, aren’t they?

What did everyone think of Shadowhunters 2.06: “Iron Sisters”?

2.07: “How Are Thou Fallen” airs tonight (Monday February 13th) at 8/7c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

Jace giving Simon dating advice (but who spends the majority of this episode with a love interest? Not Jace.), Clary’s jealous of Maia, and Malec sex? Excuse me, but I from now on I will only talk about the relationships on this show because…duh. “The storm is coming.” Valentine, are you talking about relationship drama or your next evil plan? Probably both.