Reign’s Season 4 Trailer Dives Deeper Into the Queen’s Feud

Reign S4 Cover

It’s every Queen for herself in Reign‘s final season.
Credit: CBS/The CW

Ever since Reign so much as mentioned Queen Elizabeth’s name, we knew she was going to be a threat to Mary and her court. Then when Rachel Skarsten was cast as the fearful queen, it was clear just how detrimental this was going to be for our Mary, Queen of Scots.

Both Mary and Elizabeth have bestowed horrible things on the other – like Elizabeth executing Lola for instance (R.I.P Lola).
Based on the trailer CW has released, it appears more of that will occur and they both could face the consequences of their actions.

“Mary tried to strike me down. She is my enemy,” Elizabeth yells. Mary states a similar sentence, explaining the Lola loss. (I will never be over her death, to be honest.)

A quote that really struck me, that I’m curious to know more about was spoken by Elizabeth: “We are not just rulers, we are pawns in a much larger game.”

This begs the question: where did their feud stem from? Can it be mended, or broken even further? (I’m going to get history buffs in the comments, leaving facts about the real Elizabeth and Mary, aren’t I?)

The trailer can be viewed below. Also take note of the gorgeous final poster for the show. “History is written in blood.” Does that mean the series is going to end the way I think it will?

Royals, what are you most looking forward to in this final season of Reign? What will you miss from the show? For this writer personally, I’ll miss being in absolute awe of the set locations/scenery, costumes, and just the behind the scenes friendships the cast has shared.

Reign‘s fourth season premieres this Friday February 10th at 9/8c on the CW.


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