Shadowhunters, S2 E5 – Dust & Shadows

Everyone deals with the grieving process differently. That is shown beautifully in “Dust & Shadows.” All Clary wants is her Mom to be right by her side, alive and breathing. “I would give anything to take back those thirty seconds,” Alec tells Clary, who really beats himself up over the sudden death. Even Simon is affected; he rushes home to be with his family, forever appreciating his Mom’s love for him.

In my eyes, there are a lot of positive and negative attributes of this episode. I’ll briefly recap the episode and then convey my thoughts and opinions on it.

Simon gets the side plot again, and I’m still so intrigued with it! After leaving a heartbroken Clary, he heads home and has never held his Mom any tighter. Appreciate and respect your parents, guys! Even though he’s in his loving family home, it’s rather difficult going about his daily vampire duties. His Mom is puzzled why he won’t eat. His sister, Becky, finds his bottle of blood and flushes it down the toilet in disgust. Your “it’s for the band” excuse will only get you so far, dude. He knows he can’t just keep huddled up in his room. He has to “come out of the coffin” (his words not mine). So, he just blurts it out after yet another night of stating excuses for his bizarre behavior. “I’m a vampire.”

Thinking it’s a prank, Miss Lewis bursts out laughing. But when she realizes he’s serious, she’s one phone call away from sending him to a psych ward. I wanted more of Simon’s family in season one, and now that I got what I wanted, I just want Simon’s mother and sister to accept him for the downworlder he is. Of course it’ll take some getting used to.

It’s always the nice ones.

Clary comes to the realization that it’s a possibility that they could bring Jocelyn back to life! It worked for Simon, why not her Mother? Probably because Simon had vampire blood in him and didn’t have his heart literally ripped out of his chest. After Magnus refuses to help her resurrect Jocelyn, she tracks down an available warlock that will. Only problem, when the time comes, Clary has to help her with a favor. I think she should have heard what that favor actually was before accepting, but this is Clarissa Fray we’re talking about.

Feeling incredibly guilty for being the cause of Jocelyn’s death, Alec decides to be there for Clary during the warlock’s resurrection spell. I’m really loving the continued Alec and Clary scenes; you would never have guessed that these two would become friends at the beginning of the series. Thank you, Shadowhunters writers! It actually ends up being a good thing that Alec is present; he’s the only one (besides the audience) that picks up on the uncomfortable vibes within the manor. When Clary backs out of the resurrection halfway through, it’s too late. Regardless of the outcome of Jocelyn, Clary was going to be the warlock’s surrogate to hold a demon baby. I repeat: the warlock was going to impregnate Clary with a demon inside of her so there would be more downworlder babies in the world. She even traps her in a dungeon-like room with said demon! Heaven forbid what would have happened had 1) Jace not shown up and 2) Clary would have created a sun wielding rune.

“Look, I’m actually smiling!”

Since the resurrection spell didn’t work, that would mean that Jocelyn unfortunately is forever no longer with us. At the end of the episode, a shadowhunter funeral service is held for the late shadowhunters, and I’m an absolute mess. Seeing Clary struggle to  pronounce her mother’s name during the service filled me with so much emotion and tears! Stop making me cry at the end of each episode, writers!

What does everyone think of Jocelyn’s now confirmed death? I am not okay with it. As mentioned in the previous episode’s review, you do not need to suddenly get rid of a character to move another’s story-line along! Jocelyn Fray’s death will forever leave a bad taste in my mouth. She had so much potential, as did her relationship with both Clary and Luke. I will continue to adore the series, but this is one aspect of the show that will just never sit right with me. Anyone agree/disagree?

What did everyone think of Shadowhunters, 2.05: “Dust & Shadows?” Will there be an episode where I won’t cry my eyes out?

Shadowhunters 2.06: “Iron Sisters” airs tonight at 8/7c on Freeform! A trailer can be viewed below.

A Clizzy day “date” with the Iron Sisters and a Malec night date (aka: their first official date)?! I don’t even care if this episode might be filler, sign me up!