Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4 Ep12 – Hot Potato Soup

Another astonishing, action-packed ep this week!

We open with Sam and Billy Koenig in an arcade. They’re having a blast, until some Russian thugs show up and try to kidnap one of them. Or, well, the thugs aren’t aware of there being two of them, but they end up with Billy. This is bad because the Koenigs are awesome – and it’s worse because Coulson gave Billy the Darkhold to keep it safe.

The team

Any time Patton Oswalt wants to come back on the show, I’m game. He’s just fantastic.

And so Coulson and his crew (no sign of Mace at all this week, BTW) first go pick up the rest of the Koenigs for their protection. That includes the other brother, Thurston – a conspiracy theorist – and their sister, LT (Eltie?). Then it’s off to the Labyrinth, a SHIELD facility where Billy hid the Darkhold. The trouble is, Dr. Radcliffe, Aida, and a submarine full of Russians have already mapped Billy’s memories and are heading for that same place. And the other trouble is, LMD May is still waiting for her moment.

But wait, there’s more! Back at the base, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack are trying to get LMD Radcliffe to spill his secrets. It doesn’t go well at first. In fact, LMD Radcliffe knows just how to get under Fitz’s skin with talk of Fitz’s jerk of a deadbeat dad – but then Fitz gets under the LMD’s skin as well. Literally. The team discovers the quantum brain inside LMD Radcliffe’s head. From there, it’s not too far of a jump for Simmons to remember seeing Radcliffe mapping another brain: May’s. Dun dun dun!! And thank goodness. I get really stressed out when I watch shows with doubles, the longer it takes for the characters to realize a double is among them.

Heartbreakingly close

No no no! This was only supposed to happen when they’re both their real selves aaaagh!

Coincidentally, at about this same time LMD May has just been handed the bag containing the Darkhold. That makes her realize her mission, and so she breaks Coulson’s heart after just having kissed him (!!), by holding her gun on him. Aw geez, the betrayal and realization from Coulson at that moment is like Peter, Olivia, and Fauxlivia from Fringe all over again!

But Daisy and the Koenigs (which sounds like a pretty awesome band name) show up in time to get the Darkhold back – just for a few seconds. Ugh. I really don’t like this thing being in the hands of the submarine captain ‘Superior’, the Watchdogs, and Radcliffe. Especially since the ‘Superior’ wants Coulson dead, permanently this time. I have to admit, his reasoning for blaming all the alien problems on Earth on Coulson makes no sense, in or outside of the story. If we don’t get more explanation for that, I’m going to be annoyed. He didn’t come across as a complete idiot with no reasoning skills, so believing Coulson to be responsible just because he was there every time? Nonsense. Regardless, though, Radcliffe’s all right sacrificing Coulson for the chance to use the Darkhold.

Other things: Patton Oswalt was perfection as usual, as the Koenigs. I love Sam’s fanboying about/to Quake, among many other delightful moments. LT seems cool as well. And now we know: despite plentiful hints to the contrary, the boys aren’t LMDs, after all – just eerily identical quadruplets. RIP, Eric. Also, now the team knows Real May is somewhere in captivity. I hope not for too much longer! Can we get #FreeMelindaMay trending?