Shadowhunters, S2 E4 – Day of Wrath

“Sorry not sorry, for all the bizarre nightmares I’ve put your lover/brother through.”

“A shadowhunter will die!” was heavily teased about this Shadowhunters episode, “A Day of Wrath.”

“They’re just hyping up the death for views. It’s just going to be a minor character and I won’t really care,” I say at first, swatting my hand away at the idea of them actually killing a main character. I was wrong, very wrong.

Before I rant about that, let’s discuss the side plots and B storylines during this episode.

Since Jace is being held in the prison of the City of Bones, Clary immediately hightails it over there to see if there’s anything she can do to get him out of there. But just like I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably watch Degrassi for the rest of my life (I got hooked back in with their new season because of Zoe and Rasha), Jace knows he’ll be in there for who knows how long. Actually, thanks to his trial with Aldertree, he ends up being sentenced to life imprisonment down there. At least he has company with him. It’s revealed that this entire time, Hodge has been a prisoner to the Silent Brothers because of his actions from the first season. You know no Shadowhunter is safe if they’re bringing back previous characters.

“But I just got you back!” *neverending sobbing*

At the Institute, Jocelyn tells Clary that she’s being sent back to Idris for a mission – and she wants Clary to come with her. I get it, she has to prove herself to the Clave since she was on the run for the past 18 years with the Mortal Cup secretly in her possession. Clary…not so much. “But I just got you back,” she replies to her Mom. Whenever a permanent move is mentioned for a main character, we can pretty much guarantee that it’s not going to happen. I was right and so very wrong at the same time when it came down to it.

Magnus and Alec are so close to going onto their first date, I can almost envision it. Or maybe that’s because of all of the Malec fanfic I’ve seen. Unfortunately, it will not occur in this episode. Alec has a demon to track down with the gang.

Instead, Magnus helps Simon with his continued search to find Camille for Raphael. The importance of the search for Camille gets even more heightened when 1) that wooden box Simon found at Camille’s contains dirt from her grave to summon her (her blood/her sire’s blood is the key to open it), and 2) Raphael shows up at Magnus’ doorstep in bad shape thanks to Aldertree’s torturing. I love seeing how much Magnus cares for “his children.” It brings happy tears to my eyes when I realize that Simon is officially an addition to that! Give me more Simon/Magnus brotp scenes, please!

“When do you think we’ll actually go on our first date? The 100th episode?”

Magnus later has a one-on-one conversation once he’s summoned Camille, getting rid of Saphael, by saying he needs many more items to keep the female vampire imprisoned. It was actually really refreshing to see a conversation between the two. Here are two downworlders that have so much history with each other, and have a negative reputation among the characters on the show (Camille obviously more so) – yet regardless of what they do, who they’re with, they care about each other at the end of the day. It’s too bad that Camille has chipped away at that trust and relationship. So much so that Magnus knows that doing the “right” thing is sending Camille to Idris, where she’ll face the punishment for her actions.

What really stood out with this story-line for me was how deeply Magnus cares for every “child” of his. He’s furious at Camille for turning hundreds of people into vampires left and right, and not caring what the outcome of their un-dead life will be. Being a warlock, Magnus can’t have any children. So when he latches onto a downworlder in need, he protects them for the rest of their life. I’m imagining a family portrait of Magnus, Alec, Raphael, and Simon right now and it’s the cutest thing in the world. I really hope we continue to touch base on Magnus’ past, mental health, and who he is away from Alec.

This is not the first time Kat McNamara has resembled the real life Kim Possible.

Okay, I’ve mustered up the strength to talk about the main plot-line of this episode. The surprising duo, Alec and Clary (folks, do quit shipping them romantically!), head into town to examine a demon attack that’s been brought to their attention. The victim’s heart has been ripped from his chest – not a pretty picture. They take it into the Institute for Isabelle to examine, and lo and behold, a hitchhiking demon escapes from the victim! A demon is inside the Institute, I repeat, a demon is inside the Institute!

Seeing how the demon keeps jumping from shadowhunter to shadowhunter, it doesn’t take long before they realize the threat of the demon. In typical fashion, there are many death scares before the actual revealed death. Lydia gets injured quite badly and in order to destroy the demon once and fall all, Isabelle has to get stabbed.

But now, let’s talk about the actual shadowhunter death. Clary runs to her Mom’s room, to warn her about the demon. To her horror, Jocelyn Fray is lying dead on the ground, her heart completely ripped out. Alec is hunched over outside the doorway, blood on his hands, wondering what the hell he’s just done. The scene had so much suspense and anxiety associated to it, that it was impossible to not feel your heart sinking with Clary’s. She falls to the ground in tears at the sight of her dead Mother. “She just got her back!” I cry out! I swear, I cannot go an episode without bawling my eyes out.

What does everyone think of Jocelyn’s death? Do you think she’s officially dead? Think the shadowhunter gang will resurrect her? I’m just shocked that they actually killed her off! The writers excuse for this decision was that this will move the story forward and was necessary for Clary’s story arc – to which I say, that’s absolute bull. You do not have to kill off a character’s loved one to move said character’s story-line along! Jocelyn could have simply moved to Idris for that to happen! Not only does this forever affect Clary’s life, but Luke’s, too!

Who thinks Jocelyn will come back by the end of the season? Or do you think she’s unfortunately gone forever?

Favorite Scene: Magnus explaining to Simon why he will always hold a special place in his heart for Camille, and touching upon his previous mental health issues. Yes! Give us more of this! Flesh Magnus out and give him his own storyline away from Alec!

Favorite Quote: “But I just got you back!” This little sentence holds so much to Clary, to us the audience, and basically reveals Jocelyn’s fate in a way. We knew that there was a chance she could be leaving Clary’s life…but we didn’t think permanently! *sobs*

Based on the promo for the next episode of Shadowhunters, it looks like Clary will try resurrecting Jocelyn.

“I can bring my Mom back, Jace; our Mom.”

Shadowhunters, 2.05: “Dust & Shadows” airs tonight at 8/7c on Freeform!