Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4 Ep11 – Wake Up


That’s all I can say after an episode as packed with revelations as this one. First of all, as we thought she might, LMD May didn’t take long to discover her real fake identity. This was even as Aida and Dr. Radcliffe continued to work to keep Real May calm in her simulated world. It was both fascinating and horrifying to get so many glimpses into those simulations: first, her soothing spa treatment that we already knew was doomed, and then the complex “dragon-fighting” situation that Radcliffe came up with next. I was pretty sure when Aida ‘knocked over’ the beaker right next to May the first time that it wasn’t real – but that doesn’t mean I saw all of the twists coming.

Melinda May ain't no Doll

“Did I fall asleep?” “For a little while.”

For instance, I hadn’t known that Radcliffe made a second LMD whom he’d already put into play at SHIELD. After that bombshell, it was kind of fun to watch all the writers’ constant little hints/teases about various characters not acting like themselves or not being real. Was it Fitz who was fake? Was it Mack, or Coulson? None of the above, as it turns out: it was Radcliffe. He made an LMD of himself so that if all else failed, he wouldn’t be captured. Even worse, he went to Senator Nadeer for protection from SHIELD, while his LMD’s video-recording eye provided her with intel about SHIELD’s plans, in return. Oh, Radcliffe. You’re even less wise than I thought after last week.

Meanwhile, as far as the non-LMD plot, Mack and Elena are still figuring out how to navigate life as a couple. It seemed for a while like Mack’s secretive nature might be the death of their relationship. But thankfully Coulson’s advice to Elena paid off, to just ask Mack himself if she wanted to know what he was doing. Mack’s secret? That he had a daughter with his ex, a little girl named Hope who died at only four days old. Geez. Talk about heartbreaking. Both actors did an amazing job with the emotions of that scene. Hopefully they’ll continue to grow closer and trust each other.

Cute couple

They’re so adorable together! Don’t break up, okay, guys?

So after the disaster that was Nadeer questioning Daisy and Director Mace in the hearing that was supposed to be about Daisy signing the Sokovia Accords, what next? Where do we go from here (to quote another excellent Whedon show)? Talbot’s pretty pissed, and rightfully so. SHIELD is facing government suspicion – again. Fitz discovered Radcliffe’s treachery and his LMD double, but not the other Aida or the captive May. Nadeer now knows about the Darkhold, and I’m betting she’s not just going to kindly use her political power to get it for Radcliffe, either. And LMD May knows she’s not real – but does she have enough May in her to continue to fight against her programming? Even more crucially, what’s going to happen to Real May now that Radcliffe and Aida have altered her memories of Bahrain? As Radcliffe pointed out, that was perhaps the defining moment in May’s life. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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