Syfy’s The Magicians: Hall of Magic Opens in Brooklyn

Take a Magical Tour in the world of The Magicians

The hit Syfy show The Magicians returns Wednesday January 25th, but fans in the NYC area can enhance their excitement with The Magicians: Hall of Magic.

A free interactive sensory exploration of illusion, mind control, levitation, spell casting, and more brings the show’s magic to life in a series of detailed rooms. Running through January 29th, this self-directed experience will delight older children through adults, whether you are a fan of the show or not. (Guests must be 18+ to attend or 13+ with a parent or guardian).

But chances are once, you’ve experienced The Magicians: Hall of Magic, you will be eager to catch up on past episodes! (Luckily, they’re on Netflix.)

Pictures and video are encouraged for all visitors to The Hall of Magic, which is a nice perk! You can also try out the Snapchat Spectacles, adding an entirely new level of interaction. Don’t miss it!

Located in Brooklyn and accessible via the L train (and a short walk) and by car (street and garage parking available), The Hall of Magic is worth the trip.

A quick note: The Magicians: Hall of Magic installation is wheelchair-accessible and there are notices on individual rooms that may trigger those with light sensitivities or allergies. This was a thoughtful touch, and much appreciated.

The Magicians: Hall of Magic

The William Vale is bright and spacious; as soon as you step inside you get a glimpse at the magic that waits inside. Installations by Matt Elson in the lobby are meant to be experienced by two or more people, for difference perspectives. The Infinity Box is particularly beautiful – you might spend more time than you realized gazing inside.

Down a lighted hallway and you’re in the beautifully appointed, sophisticated fun house. Behind each door – the Library, the Booklovers’ Dream, the Apothecary, the Forest – you’ll find a room fantastically imagined for a specific event.

In the beautifully decorated Apothecary, you’ll meet a proprietor who reads your particular magic via your palm then allows you to “release your magic.” There’s a free tea sample to take as a souvenir when you leave. The level of detail and “living” ceiling are enchanting.

The Magicians: Hall of Magic

The Forest experience is a master illusion – trees, mirrors, and fog equal the feeling you’ve walked much farther than you have! Enjoy the enchanted place settings at a picnic before you head out.

Battle Magic and the Constellation Room are truly interactive; turn on some lights and move a vase with a wave of your hand or lie down on the floor to watch the “night sky.” Warning: the Constellation Room might enchant you a bit too much – try not to drift off into a dream!

The Magicians: Hall of Magic

The Classroom includes a booklover’s delight – talking, musical books! Spend some time looking at all the props and art. The Levitation Room was unavailable when we attended but from the picture, we think it’s absolutely worth your time.

Finally – don’t miss the fun secret doors at the end of the hall. They’re delightful.

Fans of The Magicians and magic in general will love The Hall of Magic at the William Vale. It’s charming and rich in detail; the fact that it’s self-directed means no one is hurrying you out of a space before you can spot all the hidden corners. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the experience!

The Magicians: Hall of Magic

Get your free tickets here before it closes on January 29th.

From the Syfy Network:

Based upon Lev Grossman’s best-selling books, The Magicians centers around Brakebills University, a secret institution specializing in magic. There, amidst an unorthodox education of spellcasting, a group of twenty-something friends soon discover that a magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real— and poses grave danger to humanity.

Season two of The Magicians returns to Syfy Wednesday, January 25th at 9pm (EST) – check your local listings. To catch up, Season one is on Netflix. And don’t forget to follow our recaps and coverage of The Magicians!