‘Charmed’ Reboot Series In the Works

CharmedCharmed fans, get either really anxious about this news or really excited. It has recently been announced that the CW is working on a reboot of the popular 1998 television series.

Set to write the new adaption is Jane the Virgin‘s Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardin, and Jennie Snyder. Three women writers tackling a female-led show? I approve!

For those wondering if this new Charmed series was created to introduce the new generation of Halliwell sisters/relatives, that will not be the case. The one hint we have so far about the new series is that it won’t be set in the present day (like the original), but in 1976.

Since this is just in the script stage and no actors have been cast yet, who would your dream cast be for this new retelling of the Charmed ones? If they’re not going to be related (that has yet to be confirmed) in this re-imagining, Rita Volk, Jacqueline Toboni, and Freya Mavor are three women I would love to see on my TV screen more.

Leave your thoughts on the reboot, your dream cast ideas, and/or your love for the original Charmed in the comments below!


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