Fox Execs Say to Keep Believing in an ‘X-Files’ Renewal

Agents Mulder and Scully

The X-Files: L-R: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X-Files. Cr: Ed Araquel/FOX

IndieWire reports that Fox TV Chairman Gary Newman is optimistic about another season of The X-Files, but that the logistics of getting stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny together to film along with series creator Chris Carter continue to be complicated.

Newman continued that everyone is on board for the project, but scheduling issues mean we probably shouldn’t expect to see the paranormal drama on our TV screens this coming fall season. As Newman points out about the series’ two stars,

Their lives don’t lend themselves easily to finding time to do this. Gillian lives in London, she has young children. Coming to Vancouver for three or four months is not easy for her, particularly when she has other work commitments. David can be available, and then something big can come along for him. So it’s not easy to find time. We would love to do it again, and I believe there will be a time when it happens, but it does not feel imminent to me.

Fox Entertainment President David Madden had one more piece of information about the potential renewal. He said that, as opposed to the show’s six-episode revival of last year, they would like to see more episodes this time around. He said, “It won’t be 22, but we are hoping for more than six. That is our goal.”

Ever since the revival aired, FOX has been teasing a renewal. Given its ratings success, it would make sense to make more, although fan and critical reception has been mixed. What do you think? Are you keeping hope alive, or would you prefer to leave your memories of the classic show as they are? Tell us in the comments.