Shadowhunters, S2 E1 – The Guilty Blood

Shadowhunters S2E1- “The Guilty Blood”
Shadowhunters S2E1- “The Guilty Blood”

New season, same squad

When it comes to fantasy/supernatural shows, the first season can always be considered as the “introductory” season, if you will. We not only get introduced to the main characters of the show, but how the mythology of the supernatural beings/creatures works within the series. Now that we know about shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, etc. and the relationships among them – it’s time to let the drama ensue and for the bonds to break!

Last season we experienced everything from being introduced to the shadowhunter/downworlder world with Clary, Simon being turned into a vampire, and of course, Jace going with Valentine willingly to save Clary’s life. That’s exactly where we leave off in the second season premiere and it couldn’t be more intense. Right away, we know this will be an action packed season, complete with stunning cinematography and beautiful sets (but I’ll gush over that in a moment).

Clary finds Jace on Valentine’s ship and tries her hardest to bring him back to the Institute. Unfortunately for them both, mundane-turned Valentine followers/evil shadowhunters get in their way. Actually to be honest, this scene could have been executed better in my opinion. I feel like the viewer is given more context to believe that this is a dream sequence rather than reality. Then when we see Clary run into the Institute yelling about Jace’s whereabouts and how she tried to save him, we’re left saying, “Wait, that actually happened?”

Everything about the Institute is basically the same, energy-wise. Lydia and Maryse are battling on who can have more control over the Institute. Technically Maryse wins – who brings in Victor Aldertree (Nick Sagar) to foresee the responsibilities of figuring out what to do with Jace’s “involvement” with Valentine. Also known as: accusing him of being a traitor and questioning everyone that has a relationship with him.

Shadowhunters S2E1- “The Guilty Blood”

Obligatory shirtless scene

Alec feels like he’s the only one truly invested in bringing Jace back. No, but he’s the most vocal about it – and not in a good way. Yelling at your boyfriend (are they even official yet?) that he has to help save his parabatai isn’t going about it the right way. The show isn’t even one full episode in and we already have Malec drama. While every couple goes through fights, this one seemed a bit unnecessary, and a bit of a waste for their relationship. Granted, the pair do make up in the end (with Magnus shirtless I might add) – so my thoughts could be wrong. Their arguing in this episode could have brought them closer and made them aware of each other’s flaws. I think I just want them to finally go on a date and have the “where do we stand?” conversation. Anyone else feel this way?

Shadowhunters S2E1- “The Guilty Blood”

“What do you mean Climon is actually going to happen?”

Our favorite mundane-turned-vampire, Simon Lewis, could really use a hug in this season opener (or in the entire series, if you ask me). Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much of a place to call home these days, seeing how he’s not welcome at the Hotel Dumort since betraying his fellow vampires. Luke offers him a place to stay at the Jade Wolf, but that only makes matters worse for him. To put it lightly, the werewolves don’t take too kindly to Simon. “You’re the worst vampire ever!” yells pack member Gretel, after Simon tries (and fails) to use the hypnotizing “encanto” spell on them.

“He just needs to learn his vampire powers!” I yell at my TV screen. The pack throws him into a storage closet to serve as his “room”, and I’m left feeling so bad for him. It’s okay Simon, Clary will soon join you for some forced “together time”.

Shadowhunters S2E1- “The Guilty Blood”

“When things get crazy, don’t push me away.”

Speaking of our red haired protagonist, she realizes how different it is having Jocelyn around again.  It’s your typical “I’m not a child anymore, Mom. I can take care of myself,” mixed with some shadowhunter jargon. Clary has to explain everything from Simon being a vampire to reiterating countless times that Jace isn’t like Valentine. Honestly, it only ends up hindering Clary’s relationship with her Mom that much more. Clary is not just a little girl, we all know this. She’s grown into a strong-willed, self-sufficient character who is perfectly capable of handling herself and getting the job done. Now to have her Mom sweep in and try to overprotect her? She can’t wipe away Clary’s memory anymore.

When writing these recaps/reviews, I tend to not compare the goings-on in each episode to things that did/didn’t occur in the books (mainly because I’ve only read the first 2 books). But I feel that Jocelyn should have stayed unconscious at least a little longer, like in the books. Jocelyn still thinks Clary knows nothing about the shadowhunter world, when in reality it’s partly the opposite. Case in point: even after explaining time and time again that Jace isn’t Valentine, Jocelyn tries to shoot him with a crossbow! Her own son!

Clace’s other parent isn’t doing much better though. Kidnapping your son, revealing that you experimented on him and forcing him to try and kill a vampire? Not okay in my books…at all.

Since this season I’m taking a more review-based approach –  I figured at the end of each, I could compose a small favorites list that occurred in each episode. Favorite scene, favorite quote, etc. Let me know if you like this addition or if you’d like to see more ‘favorites’ added!

Favorite (Clary) scene(s): The Clizzy fighting scene. This was our first sneak peek at the Shadowhunters’ season premiere and it has everything! A fight scene, bad-ass female, leads and not to mention the cinematography/editing is stunning. Plus, I always love a good Clizzy scene.
The Climon storage room scene is a close second. It really shows Clary and Simon’s friendship prior to all of this downworlder business, not to mention that Katherine and Alberto have an insane amount of chemistry. While I’m not a fan of the Climon romance that’s been teased (why can’t friends just stay friends?!), I always appreciate scenes that show their friendship, and this certainly is one of them.

Favorite Quote: “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy.” -Isabelle Lightwood. I have a feeling this quote will play a massive part in episodes to come.

What did you think of the season 2 premiere of Shadowhunters, 2.01: “The Guilty Blood”?

Below is the trailer of what we can expect this season on our favorite supernatural drama.

“I would give anything to take back those thirty seconds.” Uh, I wouldn’t, Alec! A Malec kiss, introduction of Maia, the continued quest to get Jace back? Sign me up!

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