Man in the High Castle season 2 has real world parallels

The second season of Amazon’s Man in the High Castle has been released and it bears some similarities to modern day politics.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer David Zucker discusses the different themes of the show and how these resonate with current events, despite the show being set in an alternate historical timeline. The second season takes place in 1962, and finally introduces the titular man in the high castle. This and many events have serious repercussions on the main characters’ lives. But we won’t be posting spoilers here.

Zucker discussed the structure of the show and the different goals they had for the first and second season:

I think in season 1, there was a deliberate attempt to ensure the audience had a chance to acclimate to what this alternative history was. It’s such a fascinating world to explore, given all that’s familiar yet truly altered, so the second season was a chance to find some close relationship and interest in the individual character journeys, to begin to expand that world and intensify the character stories. Season 2 ultimately was seeing how each of our individual players plays a role, often unwittingly, and how the stories follow.

As for plans for a third season, Zucker admitted that he and the writers are planning to bring a fresh perspective on the show and to see what worked and what didn’t with the previous seasons.

He also talked about how the show, despite being fiction, is very timely and has some parallels to real world events:

It’s certainly something everyone’s been cognizant of. Whenever you’re working on a piece that’s historically set, the first thing aside from trying to invest in the characters themselves is to find the modern-day relevance. In this instance, it took on a more, sort of, disturbing, more literal relationship in some respects.

So many of these aspects of a fascist regime, of the racism and the oppression and the injustice and even the roture, you see how those things, to some degree, have been normalized in our world, in the way in which John Smith and his family can look very attractive in the life that they’re living. I just think it speaks to how extraordinarily timeless and prescient the novel was, that Philip Dick put these thematic quandaries together in 1962, and we’re still struggling with them today. It all gets down to who we are as individuals and hopefully that’s what the audience is connecting to.

The Man in the High Castle season 2 is currently streaming on Amazon.