‘Shadowhunters’ Gets New Opening Credits For Season 2!

Shadowhunters S2 Opening Credits Logo

We’ve known that the upcoming season of Freeform’s Shadowhunters was going to be quite different to its previous season for quite some time now. Given that we have new show-runners this time around and said new season has been teased as being darker, it was bound to happen. But on top of that, brand new opening credits have been revealed, thanks to Access Hollywood.

In the new opening credits, every cast member gets their moment to shine. From Alec with his bow and arrow, Isabelle with her whip, Luke with his police badge and werewolf eyes, and so on. What also works really well is how it incorporates elements of the shadowhunter world. By including objects like the stele or a closeup of Simon’s fangs, even the novice fan could understand.

What are your thoughts on the new Shadowhunters opening credits? Honestly, the only thing I think they should have included were the cast members’ names.

Shadowhunters‘ second season premieres on January 2nd at 8/7pmc on Freeform.