Speculation about Westworld season 2

The season finale for the first season of Westworld aired last Sunday, but already people are wondering what the next season will be about.

The finale answered many of the fans’ burning season-long questions, revealing the true plans of Robert Ford, Dolores’ violent destiny, and the result of Maeve’s escape plan. Most intriguingly, during Maeve’s exit, was the glimpse of another themed world, with “SW” as a logo, which leads us to speculate it is called “Samurai World” after seeing several of the Japanese swordsmen as hosts. There was also mention of Westworld only being “Park 1” which begs the question, how many parks are there?

In the original 1973 film there was more than one park, so it looks like the television show will be following the same pattern.

In an article by The Hollywood Reporter, star Evan Rachel Wood (who plays Dolores), expressed her excitement about the future seasons:

“I’m curious to see what the other worlds are, aside from the one we saw in the finale,… I don’t think they will be the same as the film, obviously. There are endless possibilities there.”

Likewise, showrunner Jonathan Nolan discussed how the multiple park structure will be explored in the show:

“One of the aspects of the original film that we loved is the idea that this is a place you can go where you can engage in whatever fantasy you want. Along the lines of asking if Westworld would be a great experience for women. There are aspects of going to the park that would appeal to everyone I think, regardless of gender or background. But there are other places here. This park contains multitudes. We hope to explore that in the seasons going forward.”

He also emphasized how the show will be expanding as the seasons progress:

“I’ve worked in television for years and I love all of the different ways you can build a show. But for the most part, you get through the pilot, you build your sets, you hire your cast, and it’s working, and you just want to hang out in that moment and enjoy that moment with that iteration of the story you’re telling…For Lisa and myself, with this show, we never had any intention of staying in one place. We don’t want to shoot on the same sets for 10 years. We want to blow the sets up and move onto another piece of the story. So we said when we started working on the series that we wanted to be ambitious. We wanted each season to increase in that ambition and in the scope of the show. It also follows the story of our hosts. Their lives begin in loops, and then expand and change and grow. It’s an origin of a new species. We want to follow that story all the way to the bitter end.”

Westworld season 2 is scheduled to air some time in 2018.

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