Reign’s Upcoming Fourth Season To Be Its Last

Reign Season 3 Poster

How will Mary’s time at court end?

Mary, Queen of Scots, your time on the throne will soon come to an end. The CW has let us know that the fourth season will be the show’s last.

Our Queen Mary has tackled a lot throughout the show’s run – like dealing with Francis’ passing and Queen Elizabeth’s power for instance. But how will her time in court end?
According to Deadline, the cancellation doesn’t come as a shock to the series creator, writers, and cast. I think we can all agree that the historical drama has been lacking since Francis’ passing.

Coincidentally, the show is working the season four series finale. Hopefully, they’ll have enough time to have the final episode act as a series closer.

Reign‘s fourth (now final) season is set to premiere Friday February 10th at 9/8pmc on the CW.

What are your thoughts on Reign‘s cancellation? This writer has mixed feelings. This was the first show I started covering on With an Accent, so there’s definitely some memories related to writing my earlier articles/reviews about this show. But honestly, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this show ever since they used Mary’s sexual assault as a way to start up a love triangle. However, I am curious where this last season will take Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, and company. Will we see Mary’s execution portrayed? Man, I hope so!


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