The CW Reveals its Midseason 2017 Line-up

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And just like that, 2017 is almost upon us. Which means mid-seasons shows are premiering or returning. For the CW, many fans of shows like The 100, iZombie, and The Originals are wondering when their favorite series will return. Fortunately, we now have that answer.

Not changing is the CW’s Monday night lineup: Supergirl airing at 8/7c and Jane the Virgin at 9/8c. Returning after its mid-season break is the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday January 24th. For those intrigued to see the upcoming series, Riverdale, it is set to air January 26th after Supernatural.

Probably the most anticipated mid-season shows are  The 1ooThe Originals, and iZombie. Unfortunately for some you’ll have to wait well into 2017 to see. Like iZombie for instance, which has a April 4th air date. It’s also worth mentioning that after The Vampire Diaries’ series finale (who else is so not ready for it?), The Originals‘ fourth season premiere will follow a week later on March 17th.

A day-by-day schedule can be viewed below:

-8/7c: Supergirl
-9/8c: Jane the Virgin

Tuesday: (starting Jan. 24th)
-8/7c: The Flash
-9/8c: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (New day and time)

Wednesday: (starting Feb. 1)
-8/7c: Arrow
-9/8c: The 100 (Season 4 premiere)

Thursday: (starting Jan. 26th)
-8/7c: Supernatural (New Time)
-9/8c: Riverdale (Series Premiere)

Friday: (starting Feb. 10th)
-8/7c: The Vampire Diaries / The Originals (Season 4 Premiere on March 17th)
-9/8c: Reign (Season 4 premiere)

Tuesday: (starting April 4th)
-8/7c: iZombie (2-hour Season 3 Premiere)
(April 10th) -8/7c: The Flash
-9/8c: iZombie (Regular Time)

What are your thoughts on CW’s mid-season schedule? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I’ve said this before, but I definitely think they should offer more time slots and days for their programming. 5 days with 2 time slots doesn’t seem like it’s going to cut it anymore. However, with certain shows like Reign and iZombie airing much later, maybe they’ll finally air more programming during the summer?

If anyone is concerned about some of CW’s mid-season premiere dates, TV Guide wrote a great article explaining the status of said shows. Examples: iZombie and The Originals are most likely safe for renewal despite their late premiere dates.