REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep10 – Wish You Were Here

The mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time once again sent us on an alternate universe adventure, but ended without resolving the mystery of Emma Swan’s killer and setting up the second half of the season with even more big questions.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep10 – Wish You Were HereEmma discovers at the start of the episode that the sword from Gold’s shop is not only the one in her visions that is meant to kill her, but is also able to hurt the Evil Queen without hurting Regina. She tries to use this to her advantage but the Queen is too clever for her, easily taking hold of the magic lamp (with genie Aladdin) and wishing that Emma’s wish never to have been the Savior be granted. With this, Emma is whisked away to a NotSavior!AU reminiscent of Season 4’s Heroes and Villains AU where the same characters are re-imagined in a new way. The Once Upon A Time writers seem to be fond of this formula, something they admit as much to in the latest interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Regina gets the better of her evil half by using her wish to be transported to the same realm. While this was a solid move on her part, it annoys me that she didn’t tell anyone else about her plan, and so left the well-meaning but bumbling David and Hook scrambling for some way to save Emma, without any real clue what to do. David goes so far as to waste a wish, but to no avail.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep10 – Wish You Were HereThe wish AU is also a sickly sweet place that appalled both Regina and me, with Snow and Charming grown old as monarchs of the kingdom after supposedly having banished the Evil Queen. Regina tries her best to remind Emma of her Savior-ness in the midst of all the out of character flower-picking, singing, and being weak and submissive. It’s interesting to note that even in this wish-created alternate universe, Emma still has Henry and Neal is still dead. I guess some things don’t carry over even in fake realms.

Regina makes a deal with wish-realm Rumple (always ill-advised, I should think) in exchange for a magic bean to make sure she and Emma have transportation back to Storybrooke. She puts on her best Evil Queen and goes so far as to “murder” older Snow and David to try and push Emma into remembering her old self. It’s only when the heroic, newly-knighted Henry tries to attack the Queen that Emma comes to her senses.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep10 – Wish You Were HereEverything seems resolved neatly but this is Once Upon a Time, so there’s always a last minute twist, and just as Emma and Regina are about to jump into a portal back to Storybrooke, Robin Hood appears and Regina is so distracted that they miss their chance. And so they’re stuck in this strange new wish-realm, until the show comes back in March.

Meanwhile, Charming and Hook (the best bromance on Once Upon a Time) still worry about how they are going to solve their current predicament while a mysterious, hooded figure arrives in Storybrooke. David returns the magic lamp (and Aladdin) to Jasmine and the two are wished away to wherever Agrabah is. I’ve been wanting to see more of them all season and it seemed like their heroic quest took a back seat to all the other magical shenanigans going around. But the Once Upon a Time writers promised that we would finally see Agrabah in the second half of the season.

I complained last week about how the big reveal about Rumple’s parentage seemed to be glossed over. Luckily I was wrong, and there was a bigger purpose for the Black Fairy being introduced as Rumple’s mother. I should have seen it coming, really, since she is fond of stealing children. So she attacked the Blue Fairy and took away baby Gideon.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep10 – Wish You Were HereThis major crisis seemed to have paved the way for a reconciliation between Rumple and Belle, something I thought unlikely. But at least Belle knows that Rumple wasn’t the one who sped up her pregnancy. There may be hope for them yet.

They have to stand together because it was revealed that the hooded figure destined to kill Emma was in fact Gideon, their grown-up son. He’s been raised by the Black Fairy in some new, dark realm (we have not heard of until now) and for some reason, he wants to get rid of the Savior. They have some serious catching up to do.

So, Emma and Regina are trapped in the wish realm, Aladdin and Jasmine are off saving Agrabah, everyone else in Storybrooke has a new dark character to contend with (or the Rumplestiltskins’ need some serious family therapy.) New realms, new family members, and more new adventures are up ahead for the second half of the sixth season of Once Upon a Time.

Check out the trailer for the spring premiere below: