Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4 Ep7 – Deals With Our Devils

This was such a good episode.

In case you need a “previously” after the multiple-week break, Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie got blasted by the shockwave of whatever thing Eli Morrow did in the machine. They vanished as a result. Meanwhile, the Director sent Simmons to deal with some problem for the Inhuman-hating senator lady.

Mack as Ghost Rider

Okay, but a Ghost Rider with a shotgun axe would be pretty awesome, you gotta admit.

We open right with May and Mack unable to find their friends at the facility. A newly superpowered Eli stabs a bunch of SHIELD soldiers to death and leaves. But although May and Mack can’t hear or see them, Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie are still there – in an in-between state on the way to being sucked into an alternate dimension forever. Or at least that’s what Fitz theorizes. (Spoiler: he’s right.) The Ghost Rider is totally not okay with being sucked into that dimension. So it/he leaves Robbie and goes into Mack, spurring him on to go after the Chinese mobsters who might know where Eli is. Uh oh.

Before this, May, Mack, Daisy, and the Director agree that they really need Simmons to try to see if she can find their missing friends. (Though they all worry their friends could be dead.) But when the Director tries to call Simmons, he finds out that she’s inaccessible. This does not please an eavesdropping invisible Fitz. So instead, the Director calls in Dr. Radcliffe and Aida. A desperate May, afraid she’ll lose Coulson forever (awww), decides to bring out the Darkhold. Over Coulson’s strenuous and inaudible objections. But although I was afraid Dr. Radcliffe would give in to the pull of the evil book, he wisely says he can’t use it. It’s far beyond any human’s ability to understand. Which leaves it to the only non-human in the room: Aida!

Philinda Feels

How many times has Coulson died/almost died now? It’s clearly getting to May.

When Radcliffe reveals Aida’s true nature to May, May barely reacts to the deception. As is fitting for her character, she’s more focused on the practical implications of this fact. She insists that Radcliffe allow a very willing Aida to use the Darkhold to find out how to bring back Coulson and Fitz. (And Robbie, probably, but she cares a lot less about him.) And Aida does, directing Radcliffe in how to construct a dimensional portal and some kickass gloves for her to use to open it in a rather Dr. Strange-eque way. Fitz and Coulson – and later Robbie – are saved! Yay! But what are the consequences of allowing Aida access to the Darkhold? We don’t know yet. But we do see her using her kickass gloves to make … a brain? This doesn’t seem like it’ll end well. Maybe it’s time for that reboot, Fitz and Radcliffe. Like, now.

So what was Simmons’ secret mission? Turns out, it was to help Senator Nadeer’s brother. He’s Inhuman, but he’s been stuck in his Terrigenesis cocoon for seven months. No clue why. She is able to help him, but then gets whisked away before he even finishes breaking out. We’re left wondering whether Senator Nadeer’s family ties will overcome her loathing for all things Inhuman. At least Fitz and Simmons are reunited, though!

As for Ghost Rider, Robbie manages to convince the Spirit of Vengeance to leave Mack and return to him, so they can stop Eli together. I’m not exactly sure of the implications of his new deal with the spirit, but I guess we’ll find out. Meanwhile, Mack is very willing to join them on their quest. That should be interesting. What about Daisy? Will she join their little team?

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