REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S7 Ep6 – Swear

The Walking Dead this week focused on Tara and her adventures while the horrors of the season were happening to the main characters. When we last saw them Tara and Heath went off on a supply run, and we finally catch up with them right before they are surrounded by walkers and Tara falls off a bridge and winds up on a beach somewhere. 

For some strange reason, this was another extended episode which I (and other reviewers) feel was unnecessary. The events in this episode did not really add much to the larger story of the season and though it was an interesting character-centric episode, not much really happened to Tara either. She was still operating without the knowledge of the death of Denise (which seems minor compared to the other deaths that have happened) and she was still under the mistaken belief that the raid on the outpost of the Saviors had been a success. It was also a particularly slow-paced episode that made the season seem a bit underwhelming.

The Walking Dead, S7 Ep6 – SwearThe most interesting part of the episode was Tara finding another new community, and this time an isolated, all-female group whose men and boys had been brutally murdered by the Saviors. They are wary of strangers to the point that they kill anyone who wanders into their sanctuary. Tara luckily befriends a girl named Cyndie but the leaders of the community, led by Netanya, are not that impressed with her.

To her credit, Tara tries to broker an alliance between the ladies at Oceanside and the Alexandrians, even boasting of their actions at the outpost. But they decline and go so far as try to execute Tara in the woods. Cyndie comes to her rescue again. She manages to escape with her life but sees no sign of Heath.

Heath’s fate is purposely left ambiguous, probably so the producers of The Walking Dead can choose whether to bring the actor back, if he has some free time after filming 24: Legacy. In the end, he’s not a major character and unless he plays some big part in the rest of the season, there’s no real reason to bring him back. Better to focus on developing the many characters who are left, in my opinion.

The Walking Dead, S7 Ep6 – SwearTara returns to Alexandria to catch up on the heartbreaking news. And despite everything, she chooses to honor her word and to keep the secret of the community at Oceanside. But hopefully, with all these new communities popping up this season and all of them with grudges against Negan and the Saviors, this is not the last we will hear of Oceanside. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a slow burning but glorious revolution on The Walking Dead.