REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep8 – I’ll Be Your Mirror

In this episode of Once Upon a Time, Emma and Regina are trapped by the Evil Queen in the world behind the mirror, where they meet up with an old friend. Meanwhile, the Queen tries to lure Henry to the dark side by giving him the choice of saving his moms but only through blackening his heart. Rumplestiltskin continues to be sneaky and manipulative and redemption seems so far away at this point. And Snow and Charming try their best to live with their current curse.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep8 – I’ll Be Your MirrorEven though the point has already been made, Regina still tries to outwit the one person who literally shares the same mind. So, in planning to entrap her evil alter ego, Regina walks into a trap. And as predictable as the whole episode was, the mirror verse fascinated me and I wonder why it has never been a realm explored in Once Upon a Time before. The possibilities are endless and there are a lot of ties to the existing stories and characters like the Magic Mirror, the Snow Queen, and Alice. And seeing how the place exists somehow linked to Storybrooke, there are just so many intriguing possibilities. Anyway, I just hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of the mirror verse.

Especially since another interesting character remains trapped there. So far, the Dragon has only served as a convenient plot device, to provide magical services or explanations to the characters. And in this case, to be the Evil Queen’s puppet by turning into an actual dragon. But he hinted at some backstory when talking to Regina and Emma, particularly alluding to a daughter. It’s no big stretch to link the Dragon’s story to Mulan’s, and considering how we’ve never really explored the latter’s origins, despite her being around since season 2 and going on various adventures, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Once Upon a Time may finally devote an arc to Mulan. Here’s hoping.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep8 – I’ll Be Your MirrorHenry gets some major bonding moments with his moms in this episode and even has a sweet date with Violet, probably the Once Upon a Time writers’ way of reminding us that Violet still exists. And to show how much Henry has grown in the past few years. I’m sure viewers can totally relate to Emma and Regina marveling at how their once small son is now a young man.

There were some brief scenes with Aladdin and Jasmine as Belle recruited Aladdin to steal something from Rumple’s shop. He succeeds (because Rumple allows him to) but also takes another item, a magic lamp whose genie has long been freed but which probably will still help him and Jasmine find Agrabah. These two haven’t had much to do since they were introduced and that’s a pity. Hopefully, they get to resume their mission to save their kingdom soon.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep8 – I’ll Be Your MirrorThe less said about Rumple’s arc this season of Once Upon a Time, the better. Honestly, it’s like the writers want him to slide back into nasty habits. He continues to manipulate and control Belle, who is taking none of his crap, and a Rumbelle reconciliation is looking less and less likely. And his alliance with the Evil Queen is icky and uncomfortable to watch. And now, he wants to get rid of Zelena. The look of hesitation on the queen’s face hints that despite everything, she may still have a soft spot for her wicked sister. I’m rather curious to see how that plays out.