Westworld, S1 Ep5 – Contrapasso

Lots of excitement on Westworld this week as Dolores continues in her quest, Maeve has a sudden awakening, the Man in Black shares a drink with a prominent figure of the park, and a lab tech experiments with a robot bird. Sure, there was the seemingly necessary dose of sex and violence, but overall the show remains compelling and mysterious.

Westworld, S1 Ep5 - ContrapassoDolores, William, and Logan get roped into a mission that leads them deeper into the park, into a new town full of dangerous individuals. They conduct a successful robbery where William shows his mettle for the first time, shooting down some hosts. Dolores also proves very capable, shooting bandits with ease and declaring that she no longer wants to be a damsel in distress.

She also continues to have her interviews in the dark with Robert Ford who asks her about Arnold (the mysterious Arnold who everyone talks about but no one seems to truly know.) Ford tries to confirm that Dolores has no more memories of Arnold and that Arnold has not somehow left some sort of legacy behind. But when Ford leaves, Dolores reveals to an unseen being that she has kept her secrets. She also keeps seeing visions that blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. She hears a voice in her head telling her where to go, which makes us wonder when she’ll cross paths with the Man in Black.

Westworld, S1 Ep5 - ContrapassoFord also has a nice, chilling chat with the Man in Black, who has restored Teddy and is pursuing the maze with determination. We still don’t know much about the Man in Black and his conversation with Ford, albeit entertaining, did not reveal much either. But we did find out that in Westworld, if you ever try to threaten Robert Ford, any host in the vicinity (in this case it was Teddy) will come to his defense. Another sign of the engineer’s sinister power.

Some comments by Logan hint at the state of the park, and how Logan’s family might have a stake in it. Because of his general assholery, Logan and William finally fall out when the latter leaves his companion to fend for himself among violent hosts. Technically, they shouldn’t harm any of the guests but with all the malfunctioning happening in the park recently, anything was possible.

Westworld, S1 Ep5 - ContrapassoAnd as it turns out, the host that nearly killed someone last week has a transmitting device of some sort embedded in his skin. Is this how the unknown “voice” is communicating with the hosts? Does Dolores really hear someone else? If it’s someone outside the park, why are they interfering with the hosts? Who was Arnold, really?

There are a lot of crazy fan theories circulating the web about Westworld, each one more elaborate than the last, but the show refuses to show its hand just yet. Yes, the robots are waking up slowly, and are growing unsatisfied with their lot. They are also becoming more proactive, as both Dolores and Maeve demonstrated. How much longer before true chaos begins?

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