NYCC 2016: Interviews with the Cast and Producers of ‘Shadowhunters’!

Shadowhunters Cast at NYCC 2016

Kat & Emeraude are BFFs off-screen; but what about Clizzy in season 2? Credit: Freeform

Last year’s New York Comic Con was the first time the Shadowhunters cast, producers, and author Cassandra Clare were able to promote the-then upcoming Freeform TV series. Now one year later, the cast are back (this time with new show-runners) to spill everything they can on the second season.

Some topics that are covered throughout these interviews include: new interaction from unlikely characters in the upcoming episodes, Jace’s forced involvement with Valentine, and the blossoming and deterioration of a couple beloved relationships.

Author of the Mortal Instruments books, Cassandra Clare, and (New!) Show-runners: Darren Swimmer & Todd Slavkin:

With new show-runners for TV series, comes a new sense of direction for the show. Based on this interview alone, Swimmer and Slavkin are interested in having the upcoming season be much more dark, and to “create more relationship-based character story telling.” As someone that’s a huge fan of character development (whether for the good or the bad), I am so down with this approach. They speak of a new stunt coordinator, director, bigger set design, etc. that will definitely elevate the show as a whole. I can certainly see this being used in this sneak peek; the cinematography and fight sequence alone are simply stunning.

Another reason we should love these new show-runners (and this show overall to be honest) is that they acknowledge the ships outside of the canon ones, like Clizzy and Saphael. “There’s tons of Clizzy.” Slavkin states. “They’re not having sex in these times. When I say Clizzy I mean ‘sista-sista’, friendship…fighting, laughing, giggling, all of that together…” As someone who’s a hardcore shipper herself of both canon and non-canon ships, I’ve found that liking a relationship stems from both the actors’ chemistry and the friendship created. Clizzy’s friendship, for example, is the reason we’re in love with the pairing. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Don’t worry, they spoke of the canon relationships, too. In particular they mentioned how Simon and Isabelle’s relationship is all about the “slow burn”; I honestly don’t see this pairing happening until maybe season three? With all this relationship talk the author and producers gave us, what’s your favorite ship on the show?

Dominic Sherwood (Jace Wayland) and Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood):

First, I would just like to applaud those that watched this interview. 14,000 views and counting?! (Not to mention the amount of gifs/edits I’ve seen of this on social media). I don’t blame you guys for loving this interview, how adorable and hilarious are Dom and Matt? For those dying to know how Jace is dealing with his surrendering to Valentine, unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until the season premiere to find out. The only information the cast is allowed to give out is that “he’s on that boat, and then stuff happens.” Please elaborate more on the “stuff”, Daddario! We do learn how Jace’s parabatai, Alec, handles Jace’s absence. “He’s not handling it well; he’s not himself at all. He has no way to handle this and he doesn’t know how to deal with it at all,” explains Matthew Daddario. From the sounds of it, this story-line will result in immense character development and challenges for Alec. After all, what do you do when someone who is literally a part of you (Jace) is missing?

Of course when interviewing Alec, everyone wants to know about his romantic counterpart, Magnus Bane. To which Matthew passionately explains ‘Malec’ for us, hand gestures and all (with Dominic trying hard not to laugh beside him). “We’re gonna find a way to get Mangus and Alec working on the same goals, kinda getting closer – building that attachment and relationship. And we’re gonna see what happens there.” The rest of the interview is just filled with way too many hilarious sentences and moments between the co-stars that you just know that these two are parabatai in real life.

Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle Lightwood) and Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray):

Our favorite female shadowhunters, Katherine McNamara and Emeraude Toubia, explain what’s going to happen to our beloved Clizzy in the upcoming season. Right away Emeraude makes us nervous by stating “that bond might be broken between them…it’s the first time you’re gonna see Izzy and Clary kind of argue for the first time.” While this breaks my heart on a ship standpoint, this dismantlement of the girls’ friendship is bound to be a very heavy scene and brilliantly acted by the two. Plus, with arguments come apologizes and makeups, which will make Clizzy much stronger in the long run. As McNamara explains, “This time they’re going through their own personal issues and it forces them to make choices that put them on opposite sides.” With that said, I’m curious how the writers will play out the fighting between the two. Will we be on Clary’s side, Izzy’s, or see right and wrong elements in both?

The second Katherine was asked about Clary and Simon, she kind of began explaining the duo in a similar fashion as Matt did above, coincidentally. “Now being a part of the Shadow World, brings them both together,” Kat begins. “Jace is Clary’s brother, so that’s out of the picture.” Or is it? I still firmly believe that there will be multiple Clace scenes/moments because – sexual tension. “She’s starting to see Simon in a different way because he’s coming into his own as a vampire.” So it’s quite possible that we’re getting a romantic dose of Climon-ade, folks. Simon and Isabelle fans, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until Clary’s done with him. “I have him first!” Katherine jokingly points out.

Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis), & Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus Bane):

All I have to say is poor Simon. In the first season he was just a mundane that was in love with his best friend, who was too busy gallivanting with shadowhunters (or rescuing, let’s be honest) to see him in “that” way. Then he was turned into a vampire, which he really starts to deal with in the second season it seems. Having no place to call home, “now he’s left alone with it [vampirism], So it’s kinda him trying to discover that strength or that beast,” Alberto Rosende explains.

Harry Shum Jr. gives his insight on Malec and Magnus’ journey overall this season. Last we left our warlock and shadowhunter, they had that Graduate moment/kiss and had no idea what to do about their now-acknowledged feelings for each other. “That’s the question that they’re both asking, because they come from two completely different worlds,” Shum Jr. mentions. We will see a Malec date, guys! But, I’m more interested in Magnus and Alec truly getting to know each other and “asking themselves real questions” as Harry puts it.

Luke is anything but a lone wolf in season two. Now with Jocelyn awake and back in his life, they can pick up where they left off and then some. Plus, there’s the addition of Maia in his pack, for whom Luke will most likely serve as a mentor to her transition as a werewolf. Speaking of Maia, Alberto teases Simon’s possible relationship (or at least chemistry) with the new girl. “Maia is the first person that Simon really connects with – on a level that he connects with Clary.” I am so excited to see this relationship come to life.

And hearing about this unlikely friendship that Magnus and Simon will develop, thanks to the fact that Simon kind of has no one else to turn to, I’m interested to see how this will affect both characters. As Harry and Alberto state, Magnus has so much wisdom to share with Simon, and in turn, Simon can probably bring his own knowledge into Magnus’ situations.

After getting all of this new information from the cast and producers, what can you not wait to see come in the second season premiere?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Shadowhunters‘ second season premieres on January 2nd on Freeform.