Supergirl, S2E2 – The Last Children of Krypton

This week’s Supergirl was not as strong of an outing as the premiere, but there was still a lot to love. Kara must say goodbye (for now!) to Cat Grant’s brand of tough love while learning to deal with Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), who is just plain tough. At the same time, she had to let go of her cousin Clark after a joyful reunion that left her nearly forgetting who her family has been all this time. On the more mysterious side of things: Cadmus unleashes a Kryptonite-laden villain in the form of Metallo to take down the Super cousins, and Alex Danvers inches ever closer to figuring out what happened to her father Jeremiah. And of course Mon-El, the pod-traveling coma patient played by Chris Wood, finally wakes up at the end of the episode to choke Kara out.

Cat Grants says goodbye, but thankfully not forever.

The strongest scenes this week are also the biggest cause for concern. Cat Grant had touching moments with both Kara Danvers and Supergirl, which revealed hidden depths to her while imparting pearls of wisdom to her protege. Of course, watching Calista Flockhart and Melissa Benoist play off each other so beautifully begs the question of who will take her place. Cat’s story at the moment appears to be divided up between James Olsen, who only got thirty seconds of screen time, and Kara’s grouchy new boss Snapper Carr. While it was a treat to see Kara step up the plate when Snapper rightfully questioned her credentials, it is unfortunate that there will no longer be the harsh but fair female authority Cat represented. It’s also too bad we weren’t shown Kara doing any investigative work this episode – and seeing how drastically James’ screen time was reduced immediately following his demotion from love interest, it’ll be interesting to see how much if any of the journalism through line shows up this season.

Family matters – whether bound by blood or not.

Meanwhile, Tyler Hoechlin continued to light up the screen with his portrayal of Clark Kent. Superman and Supergirl spent a little more time fighting this week, which allowed him to show off a little of his more serious side. Cadmus and their agenda is perhaps a little too mysterious for my taste, because right now they’re just coming across as a generically evil organization – albeit one helmed by Brenda Strong’s incredibly mesmerizing screen presence. But the threat they posed paved the way for Superman to resolve his differences with J’onn, though the choice to get rid of the DEO’s Kryptonite stash seems likely to backfire sometime this season.

Once again, it was the Danvers sisters who tugged at the heart strings. Kara’s desperation to be permanently reunited with her cousin while temporarily forgetting about her sister Alex was bittersweet, but the resolution was just plain sweet. The biggest cheer of the night was seeing Kara’s entire family – including her cousin, sister and pseudo-dad J’onn – come together with her to fight the Metallos.

Kara wasn’t the only one longing for family, as Alex took the opportunity to keep digging into her father’s whereabouts. The premiere didn’t seem to give much weight to Jeremiah’s status, so it was good to see Supergirl pick up that dangling thread. The scientist’s ominous words this episode hint that he may have joined forces with Cadmus’ cause or otherwise become someone Alex wouldn’t recognize. Hopefully those hints turn into legitimate clues sooner rather than later, because dragging the mystery out too long will make the reveal lose its sting.

The biggest flaw in “The Last Children of Krypton,” aside from James Olsen not interacting with his supposed best friend even once, was probably the use of John Corbin. Considering that he’s such a big part of DC Comics lore, it was a little strange that both the unnamed Cadmus members who created him were more compelling than John himself. However, we can assume he didn’t die so there’s always the chance of another appearance. Even if the villain of the week was less than stellar, the season-long villain is shaping up to be very interesting indeed.

Supergirl is settling into its second season nicely so far. All that remains to be seen is what the show will look like without Cat Grant, and what Mon-El will bring to the table now that he’s finally awake.