‘Scream’ Renewed For Season Three!

Scream S2 E13- Halloween

Scream S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

Scream fans, get ready for another set of murders and the continued constant stress of if your favorite Lakewood resident is going to die. Scream has been renewed for a season three!

Overall, Scream‘s second season was not as well received rating-wise. So this renewal announcement from MTV comes as much of a shock to me as it does for you. However, there is some not so good news to go along with this upcoming season.

As of right now, the upcoming season will only have 6 episodes. Plus, once again the show-runners (currently Michael Gans and Richard Register) will be replaced. This will be the show’s third time changing the show-runners. Currently no premiere date or returning cast members have been revealed.

To be perfectly honest, I was totally convinced that this series was going to get cancelled. With low ratings, and no word on a third season right after the second season finale, I thought the murders in Lakewood were going to be put to rest. I am so overjoyed that MTV is giving this show another chance – or at least giving the writers a chance to give us a killer final season. And it is nice that we get to watch the upcoming Halloween special and not be panicking if these possibly filler episodes will be it for our slasher series.

What does everyone think of the season renewal, shorter season, and show-runner change?

Watch the Scream Halloween special (perfectly titled “Halloween I” and “Halloween II” by the way) Tuesday October 18th at 8/7c on MTV!


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