NYCC 2016: ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 Trailer Revealed & More!

shadowhunters season 2

New season, new member of the Clave to bark orders at the Institute. Now you know how it feels, Lydia.

For those looking to get info on Freeform’s supernatural hit series, Shadowhunters, New York Comic Con was the place to be last weekend! As previously mentioned, the cast and producers were going to attend, but mum was the word on just what kind of teasers, sneak peeks, and news we would get.

Shadowhunters‘ involvement with the Con started with the show’s panel.  “Things get worse for everyone before they get better this season,” Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray) teased. And you Malec fans won’t be disappointed this season. Not only will there be a kiss between the two that’s even bigger than the epic wedding kiss, but we will see a first date! Write your first date ideas for them in the comments below.

Aside from the trailer and sneak peeks (which I will get to in a minute), we received some incredible news pertaining to the upcoming season. The cast and producers didn’t even say anything about it, they just let this video play:

That’s right! The Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley will be directing an episode of Shadowhunters! Having directed and starred in a successful vampire-related series already, Wesley is going to do such a great job directing, I just know it! Personally, every episode he’s directed of The Vampire Diaries has been a favorite of mine. They’re so visually pleasing and breathtaking, so directing Shadowhunters is the perfect fit for him. Now if only we can get him to make a cameo in the series (or his girlfriend, Phoebe Tonkin).

As for the season two trailer, Shadowhunters fans, that can be viewed below:

“We are at war. Valentine is raising a new army,” Maryse Lightwood states right at the beginning of the trailer; boy is he. Plus, it doesn’t help that Valentine has Jace in his possession. Poor guy (Jace, not Valentine obviously) seems like he’s going to go through the ringer throughout this season. From getting beaten up by Valentine’s army to having to endure some serious mind tricks from his own father (based on the :46 second mark where Jace sees either a real or fake Clary), my heart goes out to him.

Alec feels the same way as I do, saying “You kill him, you kill a part of me,” to his mother Maryse. From not approving of Magnus to apparently wanting to kill her practically adopted son, Mama Lightwood isn’t my number one favorite adult on the show (that would be Luke). Oh, and I asked a friend of mine who’s read the books: if you kill someone’s parabatai, a part of their soul/being is ripped away. So Alec isn’t being angsty, he’s being literal.

Other character goings-on in the trailer are: Jocelyn wanting to protect Clary from the shadowhunter world, Simon trying to be an awesome vampire and failing, also this happens and I’m super curious to find out why.

What are your thoughts and feelings towards our first look at Shadowhunters Season 2? Leave them in the comments below!

Can’t wait for the new season? Two sneak peeks were released of the season premiere episode that very same day. One introduces a new character, Victor Aldertree, to the show – he doesn’t seem like he’ll be the most likable character on the show. The second sneak peek is a personal favorite of mine, a Clizzy training scene. Not only do I love the pairing/their friendship, but the cinematography in this scene alone is making me excited for the new season.

The second season of Shadowhunters premieres on January 2nd at 8/7c on Freeform.