Scream’s Halloween Special Trailer Introduces a Murder-Infested Island!

Scream S2 E9- The Orphanage

With October comes Halloween, scary movies, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween specials of your favorite TV shows! MTV’s Scream is back for a 2-part special; all of your favorite characters are returning, with a few new ones added! As the trailer depicts, significant time has passed between the season 2 finale and this Halloween special. (Rumor is it’s 8 months? So, a year since Piper’s death?) Not to mention, our Lakewood faves seem to have been busy. Stavo and Noah are bros and are best-selling authors, Emma’s thinking about her future, and Audrey has a girlfriend! I repeat, Audrey has a girlfriend! (Don’t kill her off, please!)

Noah and Stavo’s editor, Jeremy, takes the gang on a trip to Shallow Grove Island, and insert crazed murder-island story. The island is home to Witton Manson, where Anna Hobbs killed her whole family one night. Include a re-sighting of a Brandon James’ mask and their usual shenanigans, and “call me crazy, but I think we’re in Freddy vs. Jason territory,” as Noah states. He’s right, as usual. The killings and mayhem of course occur and it’s all up to the Lakewood Five (I’m including Stavo in that, not Kieran) to figure out who’s behind it. Could it be the editor, Jeremy, the blonde girl retelling Anna’s story, or is Brandon James back?

The Scream Halloween Special airs Tuesday October 18th at 9/8c on MTV! The trailer can be viewed below.

Who do you think is behind this special set of killings? And with that said, who do you think won’t make it at the end of this special?

I’d like to mention that this Scream 2-part episode special could be a big indicator on whether or not it gets renewed for a third season. There has yet to be an announcement and if these episodes do well, we could be looking at another season.


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