Luke Cage S1 Ep11 – Now You’re Mine

This is something of a bottle episode, and it worked out quite well.

Heroine to heroine - honestly, I can't pick one who's more badass.

Heroine to heroine – honestly, I can’t pick one who’s more badass.

All this together time starts with Luke saving Misty and hiding with her so that neither Diamondback nor his people can find them. He also tells her who Diamondback is, and she admits that she trusts him and believes in his innocence.

Less positive is that, in order to prevent Misty from bleeding to death from the bullet wound in her arm, first Luke and then Claire come up with stop-gap measures that risk her losing said arm. Given that Misty Knight in the comics ends up with a bionic arm from Stark at some point, I’m thinking there may be an amputation in her future. Where she’ll get a bionic arm in the Marvel TV universe, I’m not so sure. But I’m looking forward to her eventual superhero-ification.

And of course, in the process of Claire helping to save Misty, all is forgiven between them. They just can’t help but recognize their mutual awesomeness, and it’s awesome to watch. If I’m not mistaken, they also both admit their attraction to him – as well as, I think, the fact that they’re not going to pursue a relationship due to the obvious complications involved. Seriously, though, I could watch them work together to take down Shades or other dirtbags any time.

Meanwhile, Diamondback decides he should tell his family history to poor, doomed Councilman Boone (Mariah’s main rival, who’s a hostage). Evidently, his motivation for all this hatred all stems from Reverend Lucas’ favoritism of Carl/Luke. He’s particularly annoyed with having been sent to prison when his brother went into the military instead – thus the frame job that sent Carl to Seagate.

I'm a little tired of his psycho sermons by this point.

I’m a little tired of his psycho sermons by this point.

There’s no forgiveness forthcoming from Willis, by this point. It’s clear that he’s long past the point of reason. His plan of not really making plans doesn’t seem to be working out super well, either. I mean, he does escape with his life and freedom, but neither Misty, Claire, nor Luke are dead. And they will definitely throw a wrench in the narrative of Luke Cage the super-powered menace.

Of course, even if neither of those women had made it out, Inspector Ridley, along with the guy from the DA’s office (whom we met in Daredevil season two), are already highly suspicious. Neither of them are wild about Diamondback’s bullets that Mariah has sold the mayor, either. Which, yeah, the idea of that kind of exploding bullet being available to anyone is definite nightmare fuel.

So Luke’s off to jail at the end of the episode – as far as we know – surrounded by cops armed with Judas bullets. Shades and most of the rest of Diamondback’s men are in custody, too. Where do we go from here?