Jason Dohring Set to Appear on ‘iZombie’

Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring

I don’t think I have to mention at this point that Rob Thomas adds a lot of his cast members from his previous shows – Kristen Bell (okay so through voiceover only), Enrico Colantoni, Eddie Jemison, and Daran Norris to name a few – in his current series.

But the one Veronica Mars alum that fans have wanted to appear on iZombie since the very beginning has been Jason Dohring. Well guys, you got your wish! Dohring will be appearing in the third season of the zombie series! He will portray Chase Graves, Vivian Stoll’s (Andrea Savage) brother-in-law, and yes, he’s involved with Fillmore Graves. Just because he played the fan favorite Logan Echolls, doesn’t mean his character is going to be just as likable. Seeing how he’s related to Stoll, the woman who is trying to make Seattle “the capital of the zombie homeland”, I wouldn’t exactly trust him nor expect him to be on Liv’s side.

This isn’t Dohring’s first time back on the CW channel. His previous appearances can be seen on The Originals, The Tomorrow People, and Ringer.

Who’s excited to see Jason Dohring back on a Rob Thomas show? What other Veronica Mars cast members do you want to appear on iZombie? 

iZombie returns in 2017 and the first sight of Dohring’s character can be seen in the eighth episode, “Eat a Kinevel.”