Luke Cage S1 Ep9 – DWYCK

Poor Luke. Just when you think things can’t get worse for him, the one person who is supposed to be able to save his life dips him in a bath of boiling acid. Yikes. (I hate it when that happens.)

So at least he’s out of Harlem now, and less likely to be found by Diamondback and his new minions, or by the NYPD. Right? Maybe. Hopefully. Anyway, Diamondback is still causing plenty of carnage and problems, even in Luke’s absence. He’s basically shooting anyone he darn well pleases, including the heads/representatives of the gangs with whom Mariah calls a meeting. Apparently, his style of rule tends toward the ‘terrorizing while not giving a sh*t’ (sorry, Pop). He is terrifying, and I have a feeling Mariah will definitely not enjoy her ‘partnership’ with him. Especially since she wanted to step away from Cornell’s family business.

Confronting her demons.

Confronting her demons.

Misty spends the episode in an interrogation room for a therapy session, I suppose it would be called, to judge whether she’s fit for the field after going nuts on Claire. I wasn’t sure I would like this storyline, but Simone Missick really sells Misty’s trip through her own thoughts and issues. The therapist guy is interesting, too. I don’t know if we’ll ever see him again, but I hope he’s at least not crooked. Either way, Misty’s realization that she can’t always be in control seems key – as does the fact that the IA inspector lady does allow her to get her badge and gun back. I’m still not really sure what she expects Misty to do when she finds Luke, though, since as Misty points out, bullets pretty much bounce off him.

Claire continues to be the unsung hero of New York City, basically. She won’t stand for Luke just dying, when he finds his way to her mom’s restaurant all bloody from his second Judas bullet wound. She’s determined to find the person who made him like he is, and have him fix it. And plus, once they do find the doctor from Seagate, she’s the only one who cares about his actual well-being during the procedure. I just love her, and like I said before, I hope she and Misty meet up again in less angry circumstances.

The Hoodie

If you don’t think the wardrobe decision in this scene was very intentional…

Oh yeah, and that scene where the patrol officers come across Luke in his hoodie was – well, it’s hard to think of a way it could have been more charged. And when Mariah talks with Diamondback about how to stir up the fear in that context, it certainly seemed to resonate with current events in the USA. It will be interesting to see how many more times the dash cam footage will show up.