Luke Cage S1 Ep10 – Take It Personal

Well, at least the ending of this one wasn’t quite as grim as the last two – just barely!

Luke Hulks out - deservedly so.

Luke Hulks out on the doctor’s makeshift lab – deservedly so.

Very glad to have our hero back in shape, and very glad that it was Claire’s quick thinking that made sure the doctor’s process would work. I do kind of think she’d have to be an actual, genuine genius to have made the leaps that she makes in that scene. Otherwise, since she’s never been involved in anything like it before, it doesn’t make sense. But hey, I’ll choose to believe she’s a genius. That’s totally fine with me!

I’m pretty sad Reva was so shady after all, though. I guess that makes more sense than her being a saint, or something, like she was in Luke’s memories. And of course Claire is right that she did still save him and give him his new start. Still, it’s too bad for Luke. He doesn’t really need another personal blow like that.

Speaking of, here’s the confirmation that his dad had an affair resulting in the existence of Willis Stryker. It’s also a relief to know that they’re definitely setting up more revelations as to why Diamondback is quite so angry at his brother. He’s certainly still terrifying. Also, Mariah probably won’t be happy that he started a gunfight at her rally.

A real politician, as Diamondback said.

A real politician, as Diamondback said.

The fear-mongering that she and Diamondback do this episode is even scarier than the man himself, though. Mob mentality scares the heck out of me. And the fact that it’s so very close to the fear-mongering that happens all the time in real life American society is just another layer on that. Protect our young Black men, and give the police even more firepower? We’ve all heard both of those statements over and over recently. They hit home. Yeah, the writing on this show is bold and somehow extremely realistic, despite the fact that it’s a comic book show.

Right, so Misty doesn’t believe Luke is responsible for much of any of this, by now. And she’s not afraid of Stryker anymore. Those are excellent things. Heck, even the IA inspector lady is suspicious of Mariah now, and willing to believe something else is going on. But I can’t picture what the aftermath of the shootout at the club will be. Surely everyone remembers that Luke Cage doesn’t use guns (although the security certainly forgot that most bullets don’t do anything to him) – so it can’t have been him who started it. More important, of course, is the question of what happened to Misty! Stryker promised to hurt her, and it does look like he didn’t aim to kill. I also don’t want her to be laid up in the hospital for the rest of the season of the show, either.