‘Frequency’ Cast and Producers Explain Their Time-Bending Series


Credit: The CW

The TCA (Television Critics Association) always releases exclusive information for various television shows and films. During the CW portion of their press tour, they included a panel for the new series, Frequency.

During the panel, producers and cast members of the time altering series introduced the show’s plot and what it was like portraying several different time periods.

One obvious difference in this TV series adaption from the original 2000 film is the premise focusing on a father/daughter relationship as opposed to father and son. Producer Jeremy Carver (Supernatural and Being Human) explained that he wanted to embark on developing a strong female character when adapting the series. “I was very interested in sort of hopefully exploding that [daddy’s girl] trope, and presenting a very different kind of father/daughter relationship. And just purely as a writer, it made the project that much more exciting to envision for the first season, and beyond.”

Since Frequency is set in both 1996 and 2016, several changes need to occur with how locations are set up, use of technology (and lack thereof in ’96), and how the cast is shown on the series. What’s interesting is that the main cast members and guest stars are aged both younger and older depending on the scene. Aside from Peyton List’s (Raimy Sullivan) character’s younger self, not a single actor is recast as younger or older. “It’s actually a pretty fun ride,” Mekhi Phifer (Satch Rayna) said on playing younger/older. “I’ve never had the challenge of being aged in a role. ”


Credit: The CW

A question asked during the panel was, “Why remake Frequency?” While the original film starring Dennis Quaid wasn’t too popular, it was popular in Jeremy Carver’s heart, as he puts it. Other producer Dan Lin mentions how with it as a television show, they’re able to truly dive into the time travel/butterfly effect element that the film originated. I sense the TV series could take a “time altering effect of the week” approach. If the writing and character development is consistent (this might be tricky what with the multiple time-lines that are sure to occur), it could be a success.

How is lead Peyton List handling the job of keeping track of all the crazy timeline alterations and changes? “I’m going one day at a time. My brain hasn’t exploded just yet,” she says. If I were her I would organize each timeline and how they affect Raimy and 2016.

Frequency airs tonight, October 5th at 9/8c on the CW.

The First Look trailer for it can be viewed below.

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Source: The CW Press Release/Transcript