Ripper Street, S4 Ep6 – Edmund Reid Did This

Everything comes to a head in the Ripper Street season 4 finale as the truth about the Whitechapel Golem is finally unveiled, and as Reid, Drake, Jackson, and Susan have to come to terms with the grave consequences of their past decisions.

This was easily the most eventful and most emotional episode of the season, as many questions were answered, mysterious characters’ true identities were revealed, and cases were solved. But even with all this, there was no sense of triumph to be felt since our main characters all had to suffer the painful repercussions of their actions whether in this season or in the previous ones.

Ripper Street, S4 Ep6 - Edmund Reid Did ThisReeling from the events of the previous episode, Drake finds Reid discussing the Ratovsky case with the journalist Castello. For once, she and the police are on the same side and her extensive research and the help of Miss Goran gave H Division the leads they need to identify the real Golem of Whitechapel. The revelation also ties into Long Susan’s story line as the culprit is revealed to be Nathaniel, Abe Croker’s companion.

Jackson is found to be involved in the robbery at the customs house and Susan is finally revealed to be alive, much to Rose’s fury. The ensuing struggle causes all sorts of mayhem for the team and they have to decide quickly how they plan to deal with the sordid truth about their deeds finally getting exposed. It’s a theme that has been explored all season on Ripper Street.

Ripper Street, S4 Ep6 - Edmund Reid Did ThisMore shocking truths come to light, and we learn that Augustus Dove (high ranking police officer and childhood friend of Rose) also happens to be the brother of the Golem. But when Drake gets into a fight with Rose, she sides with her friend and inadvertently gives him the ammunition he needs to take down Reid, Drake, and Jackson. A literal skeleton in the basement is discovered and there is no more turning back for them all.

They know what lies ahead of them, they know that they will have to face justice, but they are also determined to pursue justice. They have lost everything – their reputations, possibly their futures – but they focus on solving this case that has been haunting them from the very beginning. But they also know that this may be the last time they can ever do their jobs freely. Beyond whatever happens on this night is only uncertainty, but none of them have any choice.

There is a thrilling, shadowy sequence in the tunnels as Reid, Drake, Jackson, and Susan pursue Nathaniel and Croker. Meanwhile, Augustus Dove, out of extreme loyalty to his brother, kills Croker and sets Nathaniel free. Susan bids a tearful goodbye to her erstwhile protector while Drake and Reid split up to find Nathaniel.

Ripper Street, S4 Ep6 - Edmund Reid Did ThisIn a bloody, intense duel, Drake faces off against the Golem and suffers a fatal injury. Nathaniel flees the scene as Reid and Jackson arrive. But Drake is fading fast and soon passes out. Whether he survives this latest ordeal is unclear but Reid’s cry of anguish does not bode well.

So, Ripper Street ends on a massive and devastating cliffhanger. We know that there will be a fifth and last season, but will all of the main trio make it that far? Is this really the last we see of Bennett Drake? Are they ever going to catch Nathaniel and Dove? What will happen to Susan and Jackson’s son? So many questions left unanswered, so many issues to ponder on until the next bloody season of Ripper Street.

“There are no princesses and there are no monsters. Only humans, their flesh and bones and all too broken hearts.”