Luke Cage S1 Ep6 – Suckas Need Bodyguards

This episode was almost more about Claire, Scarfe, Mariah, and Misty than Luke. And that works surprisingly well.

There's no redemption without pain.

There’s no redemption without pain, Scarfe.

Scarfe’s journey isn’t a happy one, but it does end with me able to respect him, so that’s good. I have to wonder if he was just supposed to be kind of self-destructive at the point when the episode begins, though. Otherwise, how do we explain why he was quite that cocky, demanding $100 grand from Cottonmouth? Still, at least his plan from then on out has merit. He’s right that Luke would want dirt on his enemy. And then Claire is right that Luke isn’t a killer, so Scarfe survives even after admitting that he killed Chico. Naturally, he wasn’t going to live to testify. But Misty, who is awesome, genuinely cries for him at the end, so he must have done something right.

Coming around to Claire, I must first acknowledge that her mother is amazing. Claire obviously comes by it honestly. I love that neither of them are the least bit intimidated by Luke. And Claire gets to be supernurse again, as well as continuing to be the voice of reason. I hope she and Misty have the chance to interact more.

This is an interesting episode for Mariah. Her usual confidence is nowhere to be found, even before the TV interviewer starts to bring up her criminal connections. She seems totally thrown by how Luke has revealed Cornell’s weaknesses. And once the interview takes an unexpected turn, her only defense is to throw the TV crew out of her house. I kind of hope she has some other tricks up her sleeve, though. I’d hate to see her go down easily. I mean, it’s clear Cornell isn’t just going straight to prison, no problems.

As for Misty – oh, Misty, I hope you get your own spinoff. Perhaps it’s blasphemous to say, but I’d be more interested in that than in a Punisher show. I love the Sherlockian visualization of crime scenes, how she knows important things about what makes her partner tick, and of course how smart she is. I cheered at the reveal that she’d tricked the Lieutenant into showing his own true colors.

No coffee allowed

They are pretty cute, even if she doesn’t want ‘coffee’ with him.

Anyway, I’m glad there probably isn’t going to be a Claire/Luke ‘ship. I do adore them as friends, but Claire is too clear-eyed about the lives of powered people to be eager to get personal. Right? Anyway, I hope she’s on several more episodes before she disappears, only to reappear awesomely on the next Marvel show to air.

Speaking of – shoutout to Jessica Jones with that “Trish Talk” segment at the beginning. Very nice. As I recall, Trish never met Luke in person, but I’d like to think Jessica told her at least a little about him.