Sherlock season 4 episode titles revealed

Two out of three titles for the upcoming season of BBC’s Sherlock have been released, with potential spoilers.

In an official tweet, BBC One has revealed the first two titles of the three episodes of the fourth season of their modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story. An article by TVGuide provides some more details about the allusions these titles make to the original stories.

sherlock-episode-title-1The first episode will be called “The Six Thatchers,” a reference to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Story “The Six Napoleons,” where Sherlock has to untangle the mystery of a man who shatters plaster busts of Napoleon and then does something even graver. This story was covered in John Watson’s blog back in 2011, so whether the show will cover this story or present a new take on the story is anyone’s guess.

sherlock-episode-titles-2The second episode will be called “The Lying Detective” which is a reference to “The Dying Detective.” This story has Sherlock Holmes suffering from a rare disease, and Watson is called to tend to him. TVGuide also reveals that the this will probably be the episode that features Toby Jones as the nefarious Mr. Smith, since his character appears in that story.

With the release of these two titles, the clues earlier teased by showrunner Steven Moffat, “Thatcher” and “Smith” have been clarified. One clue remains for the final episode, “Sherrinford,” and what the episode’s title will be remains a big mystery.

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