Luke Cage S1 Ep3 – Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?

If the previous episode ended with a bang, this one is definitely where stuff gets real.

If you saw the trailer and were waiting for the fight scene where Luke pulls off a car door to use as a shield/battering ram and marches down a hall in a hoodie, with bullets flying – well, wait no further. This is that episode. And I will probably be needing to watch that scene again, because it is sheer awesome: the direction, the soundtrack, the casualness of how Luke just kind of bats aside Stokes’ security. I have to praise Mike Colter’s acting here especially, because it’s just amazing how he can keep moving without a care, like he’s not remotely afraid of bullets or any physical impact at all.

Aw, but I liked their banter! Too bad Scarfe needs to die now.

Aw, but I liked their banter! Too bad Scarfe needs to die now.

I’m ambivalent, myself, as to whether I agree with Luke’s philosophy that it doesn’t matter where the money comes from, just what you do with it. What’s more, I’m not convinced that he and Fish can recreate what was essential about Pop’s shop, with or without blood money to fund it. I’m not even convinced that they believe they really can.

On the Misty Knight front: well done, show, for making me start to actually like her partner, Scarfe, just in time for him to reveal his true colors. I had a bad feeling about him as soon as Chico started to talk about naming names and how it was the right thing to do. RIP, Chico. You lived longer than I thought you would, honestly. Scarfe is interesting, though. He sure doesn’t act like he’s afraid of Cottonmouth. I wonder how long that will last. Mostly, I hope Misty finds out soon. She deserves a partner who can approach her level of awesomeness.

Good to see I guessed right about the blow-up between Mariah and Cornell. We haven’t yet seen much about real political consequences for her association with him. Perhaps we will, now that Luke has gutted the headquarters of her ‘New Harlem Renaissance’.

"You know where I live."

Still plenty of sexual tension here.

As for Cornell, even the revenge he thinks he’s gotten by the end of the episode can’t be enough to get him out of trouble with Domingo, his would-be business partner. He’s low on cash, and blowing up a building with a missile isn’t going to solve that. And naturally it didn’t kill Luke Cage. I hope Luke was able to protect his landlady. Soon, Cornell will know the truth of Luke’s promise/threat that he’s just getting started – we can be sure of that.