Another (Final?) ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer

With Marvel’s Luke Cage just days away from premiering on Netflix, it seems almost impossible that there would be more to tease without giving too much away. And yet, we still get a new trailer – and it’s still very tantalizing.

Along with Cottonmouth, the series villain, and our hero Luke, this new footage also features the main women characters: NYPD Detective Misty Knight, our favorite nurse Claire Temple, and Harlem politician Mariah Dillard, who definitely has some connections to Cottonmouth. They each have their own input on the situation in Harlem, and on Luke.

Watch the new trailer below, and then share your opinion in the comments. Don’t forget to take a look at the intriguing character posters that have been released, as well.

Luke Cage will be available to stream on Netflix starting September 30.