‘Lucifer’ cast talks family dynamics in Season 2

WithAnAccent spoke to the talent behind Fox’s Lucifer at San Diego Comic Con this year. Let’s catch up with all our favorites before the new season premieres tonight at 8/7c!

The biggest cliffhanger last season was Lucifer’s announcement that his mother escaped from Hell, so Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) and star Tom Ellis gave us some details. There is a heightened animosity between the mother and her sons, and Tom says “their relationship needs to be healed.”  Tricia explains that her character will be going through her own journey at the same time, and may even feel threatened by Chloe. More than anything, the issues between the family members are due to a series of miscommunications.

The other important part of the family triangle is played by D.B. Woodside, who says the sibling rivalry between Amenadiel and Lucifer. However, he’s glad to see them working together now and not “bashing each other’s heads in” as often. What’s interesting is that Amenadiel never really focused on his mother before, and now that her affection is more “tangible,” it may effect his viewpoint.

As for Maze? “He’s definitely head over heels in love with her,” D.B. admits. Since Maze closes the door on that relationship, we will see Amenadiel experience some heartbreak while trying to give her space.

For her part, Lesley-Ann Brandt discusses how Maze decides to become independent of her vow to Lucifer and “explore her own life and her own strength” away from him. But that doesn’t mean she’ll stay away forever, just that she’s planting her feet more firmly on Earth this year.

The show is also gonna explore a lot of the conflict between Mazikeen and Lucifer’s mother. When it comes to Chloe, Maze will come to understand her a little more while still not fully trusting her.

Newcomer Aimee Garcia is playing CSI Ella Lopez, who she feels embodies the modern woman. “She drums to her own beat” and “loves everybody,” Aimee gushes. Ella’s moral compass and faith guide her very clearly, and more importantly it’s not often that we see women of color in professional and intelligent roles. She interviewed forensic scientists and watched documentaries in order to research for her role, which is very impressive indeed! Unlike most people who find Lucifer intimidating, Ella treats him as playfully as she does everyone else.

Finally, we discussed the balance the police procedural and the supernatural elements with Lucifers producer, Joe Henderson. As for Chloe Decker’s secret and why Lucifer is vulnerable around her? Season 2 will at least show how he chooses to stay beside her even when it hurts him.

Find out the answers to the rest of your Lucifer questions tonight at 8/7c on Fox!