Justice League vs. Suicide Squad: Who Will Win?

Justice League vs Suicide Squad

Cover art by Jason Fabok

No, not that Justice League and no, not that Suicide Squad. We’re talking comic books here. DC Comics has announced that the two teams will face off this winter in an upcoming 6-issue mini-series. Written by current Flash scribe Joshua Williamson with art by Jason Fabok (Detective Comics, Justice League), the mini-series will launch this December 2016 and conclude January 2017. In addition to the 6 issues, the story-arc will cross over into Suicide Squad issues #9 and #10 and Justice League issues #12 and #13.

According to Williamson the conflict between teams will be set into motion when Batman questions the need of Amanda Waller’s Task Force X and ultimately “decides to put a stop to it.” While Batman, Waller, and the other members of each team will play a pivotal role, Williamson states that much of the focus will be on Killer Frost, a recent addition to Task Force X whom fans of DC’s TV universe will recall from season two of The Flash.

Williamson guarantees that Justice League vs. Suicide Squad will have consequences and ramifications within the DC Comics universe. The return of the title Justice League of America will spin out of the events of this upcoming mini-series.

DC Comics’ current “Rebirth” initiative has seen many of the publisher’s series successfully relaunch with new stories, separated these books from their former “New 52” relaunch. Fans have gravitated to the new changes and this upcoming mini-series sounds like another fun idea from the publisher. Now we have to find out how Waller’s Task Force X will match up against the all-powerful Justice League. While they might seem over-matched we can be sure Waller and her team of super criminals have some tricks up their sleeves.